The Emperor’s New Clothes

It is without doubt that life is an array of experiences, challenges and confrontations with many questions and unsolved riddles. It is a world of constant change filled with uncertainty and unknown outcomes. Is it any wonder that we live in fear, within a controlled paradigm of tyranny and manipulation. With the ongoing onslaught of horrific events flooding not only the lives of those who have tragically lost family and friends, but also the constant stream of “bad” news and media shocking the world 24/7 with pictures of war, hate and bloodshed. Indeed, it has the power to create further confusion, division and hate in a world that already lives in a perpetual state of fear.

This includes the most recent Malaysian Flight carnage, where it also serves as a reminder that we are perpetually locked into a world of never-ending crimes of war, bloodshed and loss. Although my heart goes out to those who have suffered loss and who continue to suffer throughout a history of abominable acts of war and murder, I don’t buy into the lies and carnage that are used by the ‘powers that be’, to create further division amongst the masses. It is this very criminal and psychopathic mindset of control and manipulatory measures of violence and death, that’s used to shock the masses into widespread religious debate and in-house fighting and killing. This is exactly what the power hungry criminals want through the perpetuation of murder, shock, loss and aftermath violence that only serves to manipulate and imprison the consciousness and very heart of humanity.

Although many can do without confronting and heart wrenching pictures of death and carnage, I feel that it’s important for the bulk of humanity to stop turning a blind eye to the truth of what is actually happening in our world. It may not effect many directly, but these ongoing wars of violence and murder appear to effect the bulk of the world indirectly to begin with, only to follow through directly with a newly created ‘solution’ that was devised through the use of violence in the first place, and that ultimately effects the freedom of mankind as a whole. When these events occur they create war, division and more violence, and then life goes on… until the next abominable act. But life never truly goes on in the way it once had, as certain liberties are covertly stripped away by reason of terror inflicted proof that humanity needs more structured control and authority, resulting in further loss of privacy, sovereignty and a united community.

We live in a world of vast beauty and mileage that is our Mother Earth, and although we are to stand united in sharing her life giving resources in order to survive, we must also stand atomically united in sharing her heart and soul. This means letting go of programs and belief systems based on worship, and recognising the truth of life on this planet. Turning a blind eye and believing that all is fluffy love and light may be one way of dealing with the daily horrors we face. But it also serves as being unproductive in the shattering of facades and tyranny that holds humanity perpetually locked in an ongoing state of fear and hypnosis.

Vast Mother Earth

Whilst there’s truth in perceiving the world from a personal world within, the lines are a little blurred in this preached mantra, and intentionally so by many a new age movement. “That which we recognise outside of ourselves, lies within”. What person, who believes the spiritual trigonometry of illusionary separateness, wishes to recognise the atrocities of the world inflicted by the actions of their “universal brothers and sisters who are eternally united in oneness”…  as a dark and unmanifest truth within themselves? It’s impossible to resonate with this belief, unless you’re actually aligned with the dark side in resonance. And so this is the perfect trap and landmine used for the birth of universal blind sighting. If I were to recognise the horrors of the world as yet occurring, but turn the other way under the false precept of knowing only ‘love and light’ as my reality.. as this is all I will allow myself to focus on, then this is in fact the true act of separation. “Divide and conquer!” World ‘leaders’ depend on this very mindset in order to carry out their agendas and means of control.

And so, under the guise that we are all one, these horrific acts of violence also become our personal responsibility! What right minded, caring, loving person can accept this so called truth of one is all, and all is one? United we indeed must stand, in order to preserve our life giving Mother Earth, however stand together in the oneness of atrocities in all that is occurring on this great planet? No thanks! The heart and mind revile at this thought, and so begins the journey of blind sighted division and acceptance of the mind prison that is currently being inflicted on human consciousness.

“What can I do?” say the many. “How may I, a single person, make a difference, other than depress myself in facing morbid truths?”.  In all honesty, I used to think the same way. How could I, a wife, mother and custodian of the maternal fraternity, make any difference in a floundering world of violence, war and propaganda? As I lived within this “belief system” for many years, I turned a blind eye in helpless abate, hoping the world would miraculously sort out its “own” mess. I had removed myself from all blame and all recognition of anything that was of a dark agenda. Yet on it went around me, serving as an ongoing and painful reminder of the actual world I live within. “This isn’t my world and I didn’t ask to be here! This isn’t my home and why would I choose to be here anyway? It’s a world of madness with ever growing insanity”. This is what I allowed myself to believe. And so I was of the mindset that the less I chose to look at it front on, the more removed from it I would become. After all, I believe I am a person of integrity, empathy and compassion. I know that I would never intentionally harm another and wish only to live in a place where there is love and community, and caring for all. If I were to look too closely at war, hate and the world’s atrocities and associated propaganda, then I would be looking at the unmanifest within. I immediately reviled at this horrific thought and fell deeper in the hypnosis of ‘love and light’ is all there is. Yet in this imaginary realm of peace and safety, my personal world was falling apart. Everything I loved dearly was being threatened, and all my dreams and achievements began to fail. My life and health were failing and my personal world was beginning to shatter and crumble. I lost nearly everything, including my home, my health and nearly my sanity, and here I wallowed in dark confusion for some time. Nothing seemed to make sense.

It wasn’t until later that I bravely began to face all that was ugly in the world, where I stared the shadows of death square in the face. This metaphoric confrontation removed the final veil of illusion to stark, cold truths that I had denied for years. As I had turned a blind eye on a world that needs to stand united in order to awaken to its prison, I realised this same denial had also served as a reflection of how I had turned my back on the self made hologram of my own inner world. “As above and so below”.

And so I realised that the more we turn a blind eye, the more we are susceptible to the lies and propaganda that is fed to the masses under the rule of a power hungry and tyrannical leadership. The more we turn away, the more freedoms we inherently lose. The truth is always in plain sight, and it is here that we need to place our focus if we are to not only take back our liberty, but to also shatter the agendas of illusion that continues to propagate and perpetuate ongoing spiritual imprisonment. After all, how can one escape if one doesn’t recognise their own prison?

Indeed, true freedom will only be known when humanity not only faces the dark corners of life front on, but also recognises and strips back lies that parade in veiled truth, rather than accept a known lie in fear, as in the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes, by Hans Christian Andersen. It’s only when we face truth that we recognise the lie, and here lies the paradox… unless we see the lie, we can never know truth.


As written in previous articles, truth is not always pretty. It’s not the path lined with daisies and sunflowers, nor is it a “tip toe through the tulips”. Tip toeing only skirts around the issue at hand, and seeing butterflies and bluebirds in all parts of the world only represents a portioned landscape of free living. It’s in this very place that the hierarchy of power wishes the bulk of humanity to reside within. A real life Wizard of Oz scenario where there’s always a rainbow to the other side, hence giving little focus and presence to the propaganda machine that’s churned out daily behind the covert smoke screens. Whilst in-fighting and division occurs amongst rebels and freedom fighters, the rest of humanity remains oblivious to covert operations whilst living in a contrived fantasy world of distraction, perfection and beauty. Here lies the deceit and facade that continues to protect manipulation and control. It is also where ‘the powers that be’, dip their hand in new age movements that would have its followers believe ‘The Naked Emperor’ is in fact a fully suited universal deity. Dare to say otherwise or to literally ‘bare’ truth, condemns the person to tin foil hat status of self reflection and ultimate deprecation. He who sees naked truth is deplored and outcasted from community, like a prisoner incarcerated in solitary confinement, left alone in confined space and thought.

Although the world and all humanity may be united in universal sister / brotherhood, the soul itself is sovereign in its own right and answerable only to the body it resides within. It will only be until mankind remembers this, that world wars and division will continue.

Indeed, the war on terror is not only a war that fattens greed and fuels the power of narcissism and psychopathy, but it is also the desolation of peace and freedoms of humanity, where the true war is on the consciousness and heart of Mother Earth and her children.

We are united as one, yet we are also sovereign in life and soul. Each person represents a piece of the puzzle that is life and all creation, and we all carry the memory of soul truth. We have a right to the experience of a world that is created in love, beauty and freedom, and it is in our divine power to create such a world. Yet, until we not only see the lie and recognise that ‘The Emperor’ is in fact naked, the power lies within each person in unity with the whole, to overcome what was once fear of division and judgement, and to declare and expose the all naked truth for the world to see and know.

Julie Anne


Pathway to EnlightenmentThe path to love, joy and happiness lay eternally within. Whether awakened or in a deep slumber, its comforting warmth and protection is infinitely there and readily available for all who seek its nurture.

It is often perceived that enlightenment is the true path to love and happiness, yet seeking truth and self awareness is no rainbow of “butterflies and bluebirds”. Neither is it a Sunday walk in the park, but rather a blinded teeter through a 100 mile maze over hot coals, followed by an infinite stay in the “Dark Room of Despair” where you stumble in the dark looking for the door, to finally emerge with scolded feet and met naked with a bucket of ice over the head in subzero temperatures. Only then comes the rebirth from a beautiful and familiar, yet chaotic world of splintered illusion, into the truth of reality, soul freedom and clarity.

As morbid as it sounds, it is true for so many who go through the stages of “Dark Night of the Soul”. Yet in order to truly self heal, reawaken and reconnect with the soul, the various corridors, facades and hallways of illusion need to be passed through in order to tear them down. This is the true path to enlightenment, and although ultimately cleansing and freeing, it is not easy or pretty.

Julie Anne

Photo by: bigfatgreycat

A Note to My Inner Child

innermechildI love you, I hear you, I see you and I embrace you. Your guiding light through moments of dark and despair, have helped me to see the life and beauty in all things. The wonder in your eyes at the mystery and vastness of life and soul, inspires me to see a darkening world through your eyes.

I often feel your gentle tap on my shoulder, lifting me out of subdued melancholy. And the warm hugs of love and encouragement, when I’m feeling uncertain and insecure. I often hear you say, “Go on, you can do it!”. And I feel your unconditional love of all things, fill my heart with peace and joy. I am grateful for all that you show me, through the eyes of innocence and the freedom of an unchained mind and heart. And it is your youthful wisdom that you share so freely and without fear, that has enabled me to live your vision in love and truth.

It is only now that I realise, the many times I have thought I have failed in reaching out to you, that it has in fact been you reaching out to me.. holding our heart in unison during the most challenging of times.

Thank you for showing me our truth, and for never giving up on me as I often have you ♥

Julie Anne

Mirrors & Reflection

Self ReflectionMirrors & ReflectionAs someone who delves deeply and often into self reflection, I see truth and value in recognising triggers for unresolved issues. With life itself projecting the core of our inner world and belief systems, how we perceive life, love and people may well be the projection of who we think we are and the relationship we have with self.

However, although I no longer view aspects of life as a personal belief system, I’ve come to know the difference between judgement, observation and discernment. I feel that judgement tends to place attachments to the “right or wrong” of something, hence stoking the inner well of unresolved issues. It’s here that the actions and behaviour of others may become a mirror to self. Yet this is where truth may also be blurred, depending on what a person considers as their truth and whether they are being true to self.

Perception may be the projection of the inner self, however as a dear friend has stated, evolvement is to recognise something we understand as either for betterment or inappropriate to our wellbeing. This is where healthy boundaries need to be put in place, and without healthy discernment, how is this possible?

I’ve come to realise that it’s only when I feel emotional attachment or a trigger to something said or done, that I am able to see my own unresolved issues and this is where healing can take place. When the attachment is resolved the judgement falls away and the trigger is no longer, but rather just a knowing of what no longer serves the higher self. This is where healthy boundaries can be put in place, with a discernment of what no longer melds with inner values and soul purpose.

In response to reflection vs discernment, a dear friend stated:

“I always try to look at my intent and avoid critical judgments.
But in discernment of other behavior, we can attach an
appropriate boundary. Consider why we are here to learn?
To become unconditional and wise, determining we can love
and be close to someone, or love someone without any longer
being part of their lives. Love and self love, together. Gandhi
forgave those who beat him, but they were not his friends.
He distanced himself from them”. Scott Dehn

And so intention is where creation begins, which is largely a projection of who we are in relationship to self and our values. “Love and self love, together”. Thank you Scott Dehn, for beautifully simplifying a truth that can often times become a blurred and muddied spiritual mantra.

Julie Anne

Mothers Day

Mother & ChildrenYesterday was Mothers Day in Australia, and what a beautiful family day we had. I am so proud of my children, as all mothers are, and I am grateful for the love I share with my mother ♥

Today is Mothers Day in America, where mothers and children also celebrate love between mother and child. However for those who are divided, and for the many who have lost their loved ones, Mothers Day can be a painful time of mixed emotions and feelings of loss. In sharing my heart and thoughts with you, may you find happy memories of moments shared, and may you celebrate the love that will always remain eternal in your heart ♥

Happy Mothers Day, to all the beautiful mums of the world! ♥

Julie Anne

Stunning image ♥ by Katie m. Berggren -

Freedom of Love

Freedom of LoveHeartfelt are thee, to be of one.
Homeless in love and freedom bound.
You seek all that is one
and live in the heart of a dove.

The shores of love break free
on the sand of one and thee.
Soon you will see, all that is right.
Hearts entwined, stars in the night.

Hand on heart, skies above.
Freedom of soul, heart in love.
Open thy eyes, to all you see.
Be in thy heart, with all at sea.

Emotions of mind, feelings alight.
Faith and hope, moon shining bright.
Forever you will see, all that is free.
Open mind is thee, to one life and he.

Julie Anne

Love Is

I feel your breath upon my face
love is in the heart.
I hear the song of your soul
beating of the heart.
I see the glow surround you
peace within the heart.
I long for your embrace
sharing from the heart.
I dream of love’s radiance
shining from the heart.
I seek only the caress of love
eternal from the heart.

Julie Anne