Life is the love of being in one’s heart and breathing from the soul of light. Fear nothing, for life is a blossoming flower of hope, love and truth, that only becomes dark in the illusion of conditioned thought and fear ~ Julie Anne

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAFrom an early age life can seem mapped out, with little room for shift or change. Yet as we get older, we may come to realise the matrix of life is indeed an illusion.

Everyone has their story, and coming ‘out of the dark and into the light’, is an experience many will know at least once during their lifetime. Dark night of the soul feels intensely dark, desolate and infinitely lonely, creating the illusionary and detached experience of separateness to self, universal love and all of humanity. It’s that feeling of being unable to reach the light, where you feel trapped in the sludge of life’s misfortunes, giving further rise to a despairing heart and apathetic soul.

After several years of challenge that ultimately led to the first of a few dark nights of the soul; self love, awareness and acceptance have paved the way to a life that I can love and be at peace with. On the rocky road of soul searching, I have discovered the grounding stillness of meditation, as well as deep inner healing through the beauty of nature and all that Mother Earth has to offer.

My life journey so far has shown that peace in the outer world can only come from an inner source within. To be at peace with self is to be at peace with the world, and to live the soul’s truth is to be at one with all. From a place of faith, we can all begin to love and accept who we are, and to ultimately become united in one common goal ~ love and peace.

It’s my hope that one day the world will truly come together as one, and to finally live within the truth of connectedness and in the essence of who we truly are, love in unity.

In helping to achieve this, my soul work is to share love and empathy in helping others find their inner light and peace for the promotion of self healing, through the use of Reiki and energy re-balancing. I am also honoured to share guided messages through writings of love, truth and wisdom. Universal messages are written daily and/or weekly, and may be found on the menu bar under Soul Whispers, Spiritual Insights, Articles or Poems.

For insight and guidance in love, life, career, or any other area in life where you feel there is stagnation or blockages in moving forward, please visit Soul Messages for more information on ordering a personally written message and/or poem, filled with guidance, heart smiles, soul boosting peace of mind and conscious living essence ♥

If you are seeking healing or a more in depth form of guidance and clarity in any area of life that feels blocked or uncertain, you may wish to book a Skype Guidance Session, for heart cleansing wisdom and calming peace of mind.

I’m grateful for my experiences, both good and challenging, as they continue to shape my life into the person I am today. My ultimate wish is to continue to share insights along the way and to help others lift their view from the illusion of life. To be in the heart, think from the soul and to love with eternal light.

Thank you for sharing my journey.

Namaste ♥

Julie Anne

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