Web of Life

Within the illusion of life we are often blinded to the chain reaction of our thoughts and actions, and how connected we all truly are.

Like the blanketed web of a spider, so are the experiences of life that are based on the choices we make. Our choices create our experiences, and if aligned with emotions related to anger or fear, the outcomes we desire are replaced with the magnetization of thought.

With the vibration of life all around us, so are the vibrations of thoughts. Our thoughts are creative in the manifestation of experience, giving rise to cause and effect.

The people we know and those we are yet to meet, energetically charge our lives with hope and expectation derived from the creative patterns of thought from the here and now. And the tangled emotions we weave into the experiences of life and beyond, effect all in life’s intricate web.

Rather than chase rainbows, manifest presence and truth into the experience of life and create the outcomes you seek through authentic expression and thought. Creating the life you desire will always fall in alignment with a conscious heart and mind.

Julie Anne

View of Life

The heart of dreams lives within us all, yet we choose to take the dirt road, rather than the inner path to the soul’s destination.

We’ve all heard the story of how we should enjoy the process on the journey of life. Yet we race the clock in a mad panic to get things done so we can relax and enjoy the outcome of the process. It’s not hard to see the irony in this parody of life principles.

We tend to forget very quickly, the underlying connotation behind our goals and life dreams. To live fully, laugh often and love deeply. Instead of living this mantra, we get caught in the illusion of little time to meet our ideals. And it is here that our goals begin to buckle under the time frame of unreasonable expectation.

If only we could stop and see the beauty in life, the truth of all things and the heart of our dreams. To see the vibrancy of all living things and to appreciate each moment we have in the physical realm. Time would stand still, as time is only an illusion that is constructed around the mind’s idea of a living framework. If we were to be truly still in any given moment of time, the illusion of time would appear in slow motion. It is because we are truly seeing, rather than just looking. There is a difference, and if we were to see our life and everything in it, life would appear to move at a slower pace as the illusion of time disappears.

We are a collectively busy race, running around to meet over booked time frames and appointments from the illusion of not enough time. We cram the expectation of ideals into one day, rather than spreading them out for the enjoyment of the experience. The truth of life is about loving, experiencing and enjoying life’s moments, rather than just meeting outcomes. Where is the fun and beauty in that? Yet we live by an out-of-sync world clock,  ticking away our lives, stealing the essence of our moments that manifest into daily life.

If we could just stop and look around at all things, all people, all of life, and really see all in front of us. To see color in the grey and to feel the spirit of life in the vein it was intended, our dreams would materialize through the vibration of here and now.

If we were to be still for just a day and slow the busy schedule of life. To stop and see everything, to feel the vibration of life and allow it to permeate our heart and life view. To allow the heart to feel each moment, rather than the cold mechanics of rapid process, and to enable the eyes and mind to stretch and connect with the heart. To see the life in all things and feel the love in each moment. The illusion of time, melded into the map of life, would fade and allow the truth of all things to manifest into daily life and experience.

In doing this, we could co-create our own timeless world, within the busy structures and confines of community life. Allowing us to see and experience life through the eyes of a still mind and open heart, where the soul of manifestation of our dreams are born into our life and world.

Live life, slow down and see the beauty all around. Be in your heart in all that you do and live the life you love ♥

Julie Anne

Nature’s Healing Hands


Walking with nature is more than just exercise. It allows one on one time with ‘you’. Time alone with thought and nature connects the heart and mind in ways that make you realize, nothing really matters, other than the love in your heart and truth of your soul.

Julie Anne

Leap of Faith

Standing at the cliff of my life looking down, the drop is steep yet the other side beckons. The sky is blue, the air clean. Why do I pause at the edge? My heart wants to leap and it knows I won’t fall, but fly, yet my head holds my feet glued to the ground. This war between head and heart needs to end, for in the midst of battle lies truth and happiness. Without a truce I cannot move forward and I’m forever locked in a void of conflicting hope and despair.

Like a scared child fallen from their bike, so am I scared to move forward for fear of making the ‘wrong’ choice. I begin to question how life got to this point in the first place. And now as I stand at the cliff of my life with opportunity staring back at me from the other side, why do I hesitate? What do I fear, happiness? Or maybe finding the truth of my heart and living the light of my soul’s purpose.

I begin to realize, living with fear has been the road block to pure joy and success in my life. It dawns on me how year after year I have subconsciously held myself back in fear of failure. I have placed my future in the hands of others to fulfill, and handed over my creative growth for the judgment and opinion of others.

As I stand looking down from the cliff of my life, I allow myself to be still for a moment. I listen to the beating of my heart as I feel the warmth of my soul rise up, permeating every fibre of my being. I feel my truth as I look to the other side of the cliff. Enlightened with my truth I look at the possible fall with my leap to the other side, yet I now know everything that meets the eye is not necessarily how it is. I finally see how I’ve based my life decisions on only the visual aspect, rather than what lies beneath the surface ~ truth, humility, self love, understanding and positive thought, self respect and confidence, love of life and sharing, laughter and tears of joy.

Feeling and not holding back for fear of a fall. Loving completely, heart, mind and soul, I take the leap of faith. Only to reach the other side, to discover the landscape is no different. Yet I feel different. My outlook has changed on thoughts of who I am and who I choose to be.

So is the gift in the truth we avoid. Happiness can only come from within, with outer experiences the manifest of our inner self. The changes we look for in life do not come from greener pastures, but rather, from the illusion of a giant leap from our ego mind to the truth of our heart and soul.

For those who waiver at the edge of fear and choice. Let go, have faith and be free ♥

Julie Anne

Key to Life

There are times when we need to detach from outer life.. 

Detachment forces you to go inward. To find the love, understanding and sanity in your heart that may often get lost in a busy world.

In the darkest of thoughts and in the darkest of hours, the love within is all. Thriving on the light within, is the solace for all hurt and sorrow. To reach a place where you are no longer in need of attachments, other than your own inner light, helps to create new and more positive life experiences.

It is through the pain of challenge that we are forced to face the inner core of our conditioned belief systems. However in order to reshape who we “think” we are, we need to face who we are not. Within the painful process of rebirth, the gift is in knowing these experiences will one day liberate the fear. Whilst also offering freedom from choices misaligned with the purpose of soul.

On the inner soul journey, people may fall away from your circle of life. Although surprising, the gift is in the discovery of authentic connections that remain in your life.  During this time of awakening and shedding layers of doubt, observe the authentic self as it begins to light the way, revealing the centre of who you truly are. Like peeling back the petals of a budding flower one by one, revealing the core of a pure bud carrying the seeds of creation. So too are you peeling away layers of illusion to reveal the truth within.

When the soul shines its inner light and the layers of illusion refuse to fall away, our life experiences become even more challenging. Until we surrender to the journey of awakening, followed by the eventual release and liberation of letting go of that which no longer serves as truth.

If we still the mind and live from our inner knowings, our life experiences take on new meaning. Our challenges begin to fall away and ongoing cycles of apathy and despair begin to fade as well.

We emerge from the slumber of illusion and awaken to a new world of clarity and shattering truth. And it is here that we awaken also to propaganda parading as truth, and tired belief systems that imprison the mind in chains.

The choice is yours. To sleep through life or to awaken to the truth of who you are. The answer to everything, the truth, the light of love and life, the key to all things lies within the awakened mind and soul freedom.

In light

Julie Anne


Meaning of Love

Love, you could really ponder the true meaning. What is it?

Everyone has a different interpretation on their version of love. It’s such a beautiful and simple thing, yet we complicate the truth of it to satisfy our whims and to feed our fears and insecurities.

Love isn’t only of the heart. It’s the mind, body and soul. We forget that we are an holistic being, connected to all life and soul. The mind’s truth is to support the heart, yet we tend to experience life in the reverse with the heart supporting the mind. When the heart and mind are in unison, higher choices are made and the rhythm of life and love flows in sync in all that we experience.

With many different forms of love, including family, friends and pets, romantic love is where love often goes awry. We tend to step out of our heart and into fear, allowing the mind to take its place. Yet if heart, mind and soul are in sync, only truth can lead the way.

Love should never be painful. Not if you’re living from the heart of truth. Love isn’t controlling, judgmental, selfish or hurtful. Love is always giving, caring, empathetic, understanding and accepting. It’s about loving others for who they are and accepting their own journey. Love “is”, love feels, love cares and gives to others without expectation. Love isn’t clingy, obligational or needy. It’s free, always available and shared without pause.

To feel and live the truth of love is to be joyful and blessed with a grateful heart, full of love and peaceful content.

To feel true love and to be in love..

Be in your heart, live from your soul and love with your light always 

In light

Julie Anne