World Within

In response to a kindly letter I received recently from a dear reader regarding adversity, it dawned on me that there are many who inadvertently see adversity as an experience defining who they are.

I have been through adversity, although nothing more or less than most others. The beauty of adversity is that we all grow through our pain, and rather than remain stuck in the cycle of despair, once we realize it’s not our experiences that actually define who we are, but rather who we choose to be in response to those experiences, that we are able to find true freedom within ourselves and the life we live.

The truth of what truly defines who we are, is based on who we choose to be in relation to the pain and adversity in our life. Once we acknowledge this, our choices become easier and less painful.

With each passing day, creating all that we choose to experience through thought, action and response. Once we master our creations and learn to choose from our higher self, it is only then that we are on the road to freedom and fulfillment.

Once we realize that true freedom is not outside of the confines of community, but rather, free from the confines of our own mind, that we may truly live in harmony.

Peace comes from within, no matter where we are in life. Once we choose to be at peace with who we are, it is then that we become at peace with the world.

I haven’t always witnessed or felt life through the eyes of today. For many years I wore, not only rose colored glasses, but glasses of many different shades. I’m thankful for all my life experiences and there is nothing I wouldn’t change. I’m grateful for all and sundry in my life, as they have slowly guided me closer to the truth of who I am.

Julie Anne


I treasure my friendships more so, with every passing day. I’m grateful for the beautiful people in my life, for their unconditional love and special moments that we share.

It’s a gift to be completely at ease, knowing I can be myself with the special people in my life. They accept me for who I am, without expectation or judgment.

I love how we can lunch or coffee and talk for hours on end, before realizing 3 or 4 hours have passed. The sharing, caring and laughter fills my heart with joy, and to mutually share wisdom and life experiences openly and with trust, is something I’m more than grateful for.

It’s these special moments I treasure most, where I’m able to create my own thoughtful scrap book of the heart, with pictures of love, friendship and happy times adorning the front cover, with precious content inside.

Thank you to all the beautiful friends in my life, for your friendship, trust and support.

Julie Anne

Love’s Door

Love is a funny thing. We spend our lives chasing different forms of love, depending on our needs. We make sacrifices that we often look back on and wonder, “What was I thinking?”.

As I watch young love through the eyes of experience, it amazes me to observe the modest courting that still occurs today. Such a beautiful thing, yet why beat around the bush? Why play hard to get when love is there for the taking? What is it in the human psyche that needs to push and pull, prod and poke the magic of developing love? Why not surrender to the welling passion of now, and most definitely when it’s mutual, why hold back on the love inside?

Why also do we make love such a mechanical, procedural thing? When really it’s something that’s spontaneously felt. We should embrace it and take it all in! I love to love and to fall in love. Isn’t that the dream of all dreams? To love and be loved, to feel at one with another and to share feelings inside?

Then enter fear, don’t show your heart right away! It only kills the thrill of the chase, knowing we have won. Oh the games we play. Mostly we know when it’s ours, yet the more we elude each other, the more thrilling the chase becomes. It is ¬†human curiosity¬†that thrives on the unknowing.. that loves to love, loves the chase and bathes in love’s complexities.

Even when we’re married, we find boredom in the security and permanence of love. When really we should be at the highest peak of happiness, and content with knowing what to expect each day. Knowing love is waiting at the door of our dark nights and rainy days, comforting the pain within.

And then in our twilight years, love becomes more stable. Newspaper sheets strewn across the floor, jam and toast crumbs smeared on the bread board. Annoyingly we look at the predictable mess, and with a resigned sigh we surrender to the comfort of familiarity of habit and quirk, and smile with heart felt content.

Love is the deity of life. The magic of our heart, propelled into combat with conditioning of the mind. If I could love all over again, and why not?! I would freely hand over my heart. Yet give up the chase and thrill of the unknown? I think not!

In summary; trust the love in your heart, love openly and deeply, give freely and without fear. Enjoy the moment of now and accept the person you’re with. Appreciate the comfort of familiarity and be grateful for the security of unconditional love. Least of all, never give in to the chase. Six months, two years, fifty! The thrill of the chase is what keeps love alive, in mystery alive and more.

Julie Anne