In all its beauty and blessings, life can be painful when walking the path of truth. Where there’s truth, there is clarity, and where there’s clarity, finally comes wisdom.

I thank each tear and each painful emotion for the ultimate wisdom they bring. For every tear represents a new tool in the tool box of life and love.

With each tear there is pain, joy or sorrow, and as night eventually lights up into day, so too does our inner truth eventually guide us like a beacon towards the light of wisdom and conscious thought.

Truth is all things, the heart of life and the depth of darkness. It’s when we finally acknowledge and accept truth that the path forward is clear, with less  obstacles along the way.

With every tear comes buried truth in motion. Rather than wipe away the tear in anger, embarrassment or frustration, feel its watery presence as it drowns the skin of your cheek. Be still and listen to its message, feel the weight of its beauty as it brings forth the emotion needed to clear the heart of buried pain, or to express the heart of joy.

Tears are an intricate part of the emotional cycle that allows the body to release stagnated energy that’s buried in all emotion. Without this release, the body becomes blocked and is unable to flow with the rhythm of life and vital force.

Allow the tears to flow, as a dam’s wall may overflow its waters into a nearby river or stream. Feel the life of your tears as they flow through your emotions and fear. Allow each tear to release the embodiment of feeling and emotion, as they are released into the flow of water streaming from the emotional body.

It’s okay to cry and it’s okay to feel the weight of your tears in a moment of joy or sorrow. Allow the emotional body to flow with the natural cycle of tides coming in and going out, where the release of waters of emotion flow out with the tide, and build within the body as the tide comes in.

Holding on to emotions only creates blocks within the emotional body, that eventually manifest into physical pain and illness. Without release the biological makeup of the body becomes altered and this is where disease sets in.

We are taught from a young age to hold onto our tears, to “man up” and be strong. When in fact, being strong is to let the tears flow as the emotions are faced and released.

Facing our inner truth when life seems dark and knowing this is an illusory life, allows a clear view of its manifested presence. And then feeling the brunt as the dam wall breaks, allows the waters to flow with the build up of emotions as they slowly fall away with the facade. Men are taught to be strong and “men don’t cry”, whether in joy or sorrow. Yet in truth, we are all beings of emotion and we all have the same need for release.

Trust in your heart, listen to your soul and live with conscious thought. Listen to the wisdom within, for it has a story to tell you.. and it is in the buried emotions that the story will begin.

Julie Anne