Heart of Blue

Dark Night of the Soul

It creeps up on you from the shady recesses of the heart and mind. It engulfs your senses and lifts your spirits to an all time high, only to send you crashing down to lows of indelible cries.

Lift up, look out and see the light of day. See the birds, the daylight and dawn of a new day.

Blue Swan

There is a new life on the other side, in truth. Never give in for the heart seeks only solace, from a place so dark and cruel. You will make it through the night until the sunshine lights your face. You will see the light of day again, through the cracks of a stonewalled place.

Trust the new you, as the trappings of a cornered heart are left in the pit of dark. Don’t look back, only forward. There is so much to see and do. You will see, you will feel, you will trust again. And without a heart so blue.

In light

Julie Anne

The Sea of Emotions

The sea is green and choppy, yet tomorrow it is blue and calm. Another day is black and wild, followed by aqua blue.

These are the colours and moods of the sea that mimic our own inner world of daily mood and creed.


As the ocean of love rises and falls in our heart, so too does the sea of waves. Life in the present moment may be grey, yet like northerly sea changes so too are the moods of our heart seeking truth of the day.

The sea is relentless in its tides and waves, tsunamis, floods and drought. As these are the emotions of mother nature in her energetic release, so too are our own moods relentless, leaving destruction and uncertainty in their wake.

Yet like the beauty of Mother Earth, restoring seeds of new through rising shoots of life, so too do we experience new beginnings through shedding veils and lies.

Julie Anne

The Power of One

SnowflakeI marvel at the beauty of nature and the serene life it holds at its centre of being. The raw majesty of a grain of a sand, the purity of a snowflake.

The miracle of life in all its beauty stands tall in the wake of all wars and destruction. For out of the wake births new life and renewed vision of  better times ahead.

I look on at the sea and watch as each wave rolls in. The power of nature at its best, yet gentle and vulnerable as the human heart. Waves of life roll in as the tide takes out the grains of sand. With each new wave is the promise of a new day, new moment and new sense of being.

As sure as the tide goes out, no sooner will it roll back in. This is the flow of life, the power of love and the ebb of uncertainty as we allow our experiences to rise and fall with the tides.

The ocean is within us all, as the beauty and power of one.

Beach Waves

The sea, the heart and soul.

Julie Anne