Year of the Heart 2013

2012 has been a challenging year for so many, and for so many different reasons. For me it’s been an unusually challenging year, filled with heartache and much change in life direction. However it’s also been a year of surprising joy, happiness and insightful reflection, that is often born from challenge and that allows the heart to know love through life growth and soul expansion.

Year of the Heart

Rather than assign strict resolutions, I like to set goals that I can work towards during the year ahead. Some are stepping stones and some are wish fulfillments of the heart. As long as I remain true to my heart, true to my dreams and true to who I am, then whatever lies ahead is a step closer to my soul purpose.

The year has flown so fast and life almost feels like a surreal dream. The time has come to make the surreal, real!

2013 is the year of awakening and soul freedom. It’s the year to follow your passion and to live your truth.

Take this time to reflect on the year past and how far you have come. There is so much to look forward to and so much to create and do.

Wish big and search life for more answers, for 2013 is the year of truth fulfillment and creating moments of authentic presence in a world that needs your inner light.

Happy new year.

Julie Anne

Christmas Wishes 2012

ChristmasFrom my heart to yours, I offer you Christmas wishes of love and peace.

Whatever part of the world you may live and whatever experiences your soul seeks during this holiday season, may you go in presence and safety.

May you shine the light from within upon those whom you share your life, and with those who seek a light in the dark.

May you always shine your light, and may you always have faith and believe in the essence of who you truly are.

Merry Christmas

Julie Anne

Journey of Duality

Day and night2Life and love teaches us many things and the more time we spend just being, the more in tune we become with our true thoughts and feelings, and ultimately our true self.

Once the initial cloud surrounding inner reflection begins to clear, great clarity follows. However it’s what we do with that clarity that defines who we are. There is no right or wrong, only choices that either serve or sway our purpose. There are no ‘wrong’ turns in life, only differing paths of the journey. All roads lead to our soul’s destination, yet we have many choices as to which one we follow.

Focussing on ‘shoulds’ and ‘what ifs’ only slows the journey in procrastination of thought. Behind all procrastination lies fear. Fear of failure, fear of making the ‘wrong’ choice or taking the ‘wrong’ path. Left or right, each leads to where the soul seeks to go, however each path offers various teachings along the way. Do you choose to observe with just a toe dipped in the waters, or do you choose to experience the whole pool? And which is the ‘right’ path?

The path to knowledge and truth lies within us all. It’s the path where the heart knows, the soul leads and the mind discerns the way. However the battle of will always step forward at some point in the journey. Should the will take lead, and can we truly trust our heart as we tread in fear through the sludge of darkness, wondering how we entered the dark at all?

It’s especially in the dark where we need to surrender to our inner light. Be still in the silence during this time and know that as there is night there is always day. They can never be one at the same time as one always follows the other in the pattern of cosmic life. As too do the experiences of our heart and mind mimic that of day and night.

Daylight sun shining bright on our world with a hint of moonlight shadow in the squint of an eye, always waiting to follow. Night time engulfs the planet in its irreparable dark shade, yet stars twinkle in the night sky in their brightness and promise of conscious life eternal.

Stars shine within the heart superseding the dark of night, as the brilliant white light of the sun leads our soul home. Walk through the dark of mind and follow the light within as you walk the path of truth. Whichever we choose, the path ahead is always one of new life and vision. In the duality of light and dark, day and night, wrapped in the marvelous brilliance of life and eternal presence.

Be present in life and know who you are. Be honest, be true, and be your authentic self. Be all that you are and all you can be, devoid of masks and soulless hue.

In light

Julie Anne

Changing Times

Light in the DarkI’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to readers and subscribers for your support and interest in my blog. It’s my sincere hope that insights shared have been able to shed light and bring truth into the heart of those seeking clarity.

We are most definitely living through changing and challenging times and it’s during these times that we all have moments of uncertainty. But mostly, we all have moments where we feel utterly alone in our grief, anger, feelings and thoughts.

I feel the most prominent message in nearly all writings shared, have been that of reminding us that we are sovereign. Even in our darkest hour, we will always have our inner light. There may be moments where our light will seem to have dimmed, yet bright as a beacon or dimmed to shadow light, it will always light the way home if you follow the path of awareness and truth.

There’s a light and dark in every corner of the universe, in every person and in every action and reaction. However as there is day, there is also night. One always follows the other with stars lighting the night sky and storm clouds dampening our light blue skies. If we reflect on the cycle of day and night during our most challenging times, we could take comfort in knowing that as sure as there is night, daylight always follows. It’s during these especially dark times that we lose sight of who we are and it’s especially during challenging times that we need to stay true to our heart and soul centre.

It’s through sharing insights and shredding the dark away, that our journey becomes ever more interconnected in unity of truth.

In light

Julie Anne