Ocean’s Blue

Blessed heart are thee
in all that is lovely.
Harvard is thy name
abound in this game.
Of love, light and sorrow
and all that is hollow.
Soon to be right

in love’s light and hallow.

Coarse is the night
steep is the heart.
Folly of thought and mind
holly of heart and kind.
Be in your heart this night
for all that you fear is affright.
Love is bound to you
in stealth and ground anew.

Beautiful Beach SunsetHeart’s aflame
soul alight.
Love sails the night
in all that sits right.
Homeward bound are thee
in heartless stone of three.

Chaste is the heart
of all that sits apart.

Stormy love abound
the ship of hope new found.
Starry night up high
fruits of love is nigh.
For all that reaps the heart of one
is all that sees the light in none.

Blue OceanGrateful heart
hope is near.
Open eyes

Stanford gear.

Story of one
second to none.
Hopeful is the heart

to be in the mind of one.

Seek the light
forward en route.

Happenstance afore
love’s nest anew
in ocean’s blue.
Hearts beat finally as one.

Julie Anne


 Spirit of the sky, demure
sunshine casts its rays.
Moonlight shines pure
love dawns a new day.

Blue skies above
memory harps
the tune of love
and things to come.

Brilliant are the stars
moonbeams leap forth.
vibrant is the sky
love’s hand reaches nigh.

MoonBeamHumble is the heart
humid is the sky.
Hopeful array
rainbows on high.

Grounded in life
pressure within.
Beating of the heart
moment to forgive.

Strings attached
tension anew.
Longing, love
desire on cue.

Red is the heart
open at will.
Happiness reigns
the blues askew.

Random thoughts alone
hallow themes abound.
Grateful for the love of thee
joy and fun aloud.

Close the heart in vein
to once was here anew.
Open once again
hollow love of hue.

Stand down in fear
granted your wish.
Heaven’s hearth imparts
endearments of rich.

RainbowGlamorous times avow
hanker down
hover none.
Dreams fulfilled at night.

Landslide of fear
preventing none.
The green grass grows
in rays of the sun.

Blossoms bloom in sight
in the tree of love this night.
Let go, surrender
faith in heart to thee.

QuietudeQuick sand gone
Lake Orr awaits.
Love in hand
hope in heart.

All thee seeks
abounds this land.
Love, laughter
comfort, hearth.

Fulfillment in heart
and feet on the earth.

Love, hope, dreams

Julie Anne