A Note to My Inner Child

innermechildI love you, I hear you, I see you and I embrace you. Your guiding light through moments of dark and despair, have helped me to see the life and beauty in all things. The wonder in your eyes at the mystery and vastness of life and soul, inspires me to see a darkening world through your eyes.

I often feel your gentle tap on my shoulder, lifting me out of subdued melancholy. And the warm hugs of love and encouragement, when I’m feeling uncertain and insecure. I often hear you say, “Go on, you can do it!”. And I feel your unconditional love of all things, fill my heart with peace and joy. I am grateful for all that you show me, through the eyes of innocence and the freedom of an unchained mind and heart. And it is your youthful wisdom that you share so freely and without fear, that has enabled me to live your vision in love and truth.

It is only now that I realise, the many times I have thought I have failed in reaching out to you, that it has in fact been you reaching out to me.. holding our heart in unison during the most challenging of times.

Thank you for showing me our truth, and for never giving up on me as I often have you ♥

Julie Anne

Mirrors & Reflection

Self ReflectionMirrors & ReflectionAs someone who delves deeply and often into self reflection, I see truth and value in recognising triggers for unresolved issues. With life itself projecting the core of our inner world and belief systems, how we perceive life, love and people may well be the projection of who we think we are and the relationship we have with self.

However, although I no longer view aspects of life as a personal belief system, I’ve come to know the difference between judgement, observation and discernment. I feel that judgement tends to place attachments to the “right or wrong” of something, hence stoking the inner well of unresolved issues. It’s here that the actions and behaviour of others may become a mirror to self. Yet this is where truth may also be blurred, depending on what a person considers as their truth and whether they are being true to self.

Perception may be the projection of the inner self, however as a dear friend has stated, evolvement is to recognise something we understand as either for betterment or inappropriate to our wellbeing. This is where healthy boundaries need to be put in place, and without healthy discernment, how is this possible?

I’ve come to realise that it’s only when I feel emotional attachment or a trigger to something said or done, that I am able to see my own unresolved issues and this is where healing can take place. When the attachment is resolved the judgement falls away and the trigger is no longer, but rather just a knowing of what no longer serves the higher self. This is where healthy boundaries can be put in place, with a discernment of what no longer melds with inner values and soul purpose.

In response to reflection vs discernment, a dear friend stated:

“I always try to look at my intent and avoid critical judgments.
But in discernment of other behavior, we can attach an
appropriate boundary. Consider why we are here to learn?
To become unconditional and wise, determining we can love
and be close to someone, or love someone without any longer
being part of their lives. Love and self love, together. Gandhi
forgave those who beat him, but they were not his friends.
He distanced himself from them”. Scott Dehn

And so intention is where creation begins, which is largely a projection of who we are in relationship to self and our values.

Julie Anne

Mothers Day

Mother & ChildrenYesterday was Mothers Day in Australia, and what a beautiful family day we had. I am so proud of my children, as all mothers are, and I am grateful for the love I share with my mother.

Today is Mothers Day in America, where mothers and children also celebrate love between mother and child. However for those who are divided, and for the many who have lost their loved ones, Mothers Day can be a painful time of mixed emotions and feelings of loss. In sharing my heart and thoughts with you, may you find happy memories of moments shared, and may you celebrate the birth of love that will always remain eternal.

Happy Mothers Day, to all the beautiful mums of the world.

Julie Anne

Stunning image ♥ by Katie m. Berggren – www.KmBerggren.com

Love Is

I feel your breath upon my face
love is in the heart.
I hear the song of your soul
beating of the heart.
I see the glow surround you
peace within the heart.
I long for your embrace
sharing from the heart.
I dream of love’s radiance
shining from the heart.
I seek only the caress of love
eternal from the heart.

Julie Anne