Pathway to EnlightenmentThe path to love, joy and happiness lay eternally within. Whether awakened or in a deep slumber, its comforting warmth and protection is infinitely there and readily available for all who seek its nurture.

It is often perceived that enlightenment is the true path to love and happiness, yet seeking truth and self awareness is no rainbow of “butterflies and bluebirds”. Neither is it a Sunday walk in the park, but rather a blinded teeter through a 100 mile maze over hot coals, followed by an infinite stay in the “Dark Room of Despair” where you stumble in the dark looking for the door, to finally emerge with scolded feet and met naked with a bucket of ice over the head in subzero temperatures. Only then comes the rebirth from a beautiful and familiar, yet chaotic world of splintered illusion, into the truth of reality, soul freedom and clarity.

As morbid as it sounds, it is true for so many who go through the stages of “Dark Night of the Soul”. Yet in order to truly self heal, reawaken and reconnect with the soul, the various corridors, facades and hallways of illusion need to be passed through in order to tear them down. This is the true path to enlightenment, and although ultimately cleansing and freeing, it is not easy or pretty.

Julie Anne

Photo by: bigfatgreycat