The Authentic Self

The authentic self is the creative life force, devoid of the facades that are often generated through fear of failure and social conformity. It’s the perfect alignment and balance of our deepest truth and life practises, manifested into the projection of who we are in relationship to ourself and our values.

It’s being honest within the depth of knowing, and it’s free of masks, lies and conditional thought. It embraces reflection and awareness in all matters of life in relationship to self and others, and it’s the ongoing path of passion, creative expression and self discovery.

We live in a world that often serves as a perpetual stage of conditioning and societal conformity, where we become lost in the counterfeit debris of spurious life and materialist gain. It’s here that we lose the essence of who we truly are, where survival pervades the vital force of intent and valuable life purpose.


Yet deep beneath the rubble, the authentic self may still be found as if emerging from an underground cave, into a beaming ray of first light. It’s beyond the noise of life and distractions of the mind, and it’s afar from contrived thought where the societal hive mind takes the wheel.

It’s only in quietude, where the heart and soul are in synchronicity with the flow of life and all living things. And it’s only in the peaceful space of calm where we may find the perfect balance and our true authentic self.

Julie Anne

Bioprospecting or Biopiracy?


“(Pharmacology) the use of wild plants by international companies to develop medicines, without recompensing the countries from which they are taken”. Collins English Dictionary


“The process of discovery and commercialization of new products based on biological resources”. Wikipedia

As I begin studies in Health Science, Nutritional Medicine and Naturopathy, I have found that it has a strong tendency to foster inner reflection on personal beliefs and world view. I’ve been pondering many things of late, one of which continually brings my thoughts back to the world’s current state of affairs in globalisation, and ultimately in the corporatization of basic survival commodities such as food and medicine. I think there’s a positive and negative to most things. And as history has proven, there will always be those who exploit others for personal gain, as we continue to witness this in today’s spectrum. It’s a part of life, challenge and ultimate growth as we learn what serves both personal and community purpose, from that which sets us back.


I think we are living in amazing times at the moment, with so much potential for further growth in knowledge, and understanding how everything works and fits together. Although many of our ancient elders faced more challenging survival issues than we do today, they possessed great knowledge of the connectedness of all life, and lived within this paradigm of mutual respect with the spirit of life and all living things.

We’ve come a long way in technology and culture since then, and although we know more now than our elders did, in terms of chemical compounds and constituents. I wonder if we have maybe lost the essence of the whole? Indigenous communities didn’t have the breakdown of how food and medicines worked as they lived as one with the earth, experiencing their own forms of trial and error in medical efficacy and nutritional value.

Bush Food

However we live in different times and the trial and error of food and medicine naturally requires alternative methods. I think it’s a great thing that we can break down foods and their components, as a way of measuring nutritional efficacy, as well as understanding the many diverse medicinal properties. However I feel that too often, any positive steps taken by the many who wish to create good, are often marred by corporations who have no interest in the growth journey of the world’s sustainability. But rather, vested interests only in a fast tracked destination that serves their profit margin. This saddens me greatly, as I feel very connected to the earth.


It’s not so much the study and research of native bush plants that concerns me. It’s more the method and corporate interest and intention that’s a worry. In saying this, in the positive / negative paradigm that we live within, it’s encouraging to see the turnaround of awareness, with many newly created groups and programs that are passionate about regrowth and ongoing sustainability. It’s so good to see so many now working for the common good.

It’s through methods of integrity and respect for the earth and all living things, with a vision towards creating a sustainable future in health and wellbeing, that I wholly support and believe in.

Julie Defina