A Life of Falsehoods

As I ponder our existence in this realm, what it’s all about and where we’re all from, I often get this melancholic sense of being far from home. Yet this beautiful planet Earth is home to all and one, and we are all neighbours sharing the many wonders and expansive landscapes of sand and soil, sun, water and air. The magnificence and beauty of the world around us is breathtaking and awe inspiring, leaving me to wonder why I never became a photographer where I could capture every moment of every living thing, in a single moment of time. Lo and behold, as much as I love the art of photography, it has never been my forte, yet I can appreciate the magic and brilliance of an artist who captures such presence in a single frame.

Old Camera

Which leaves me to ponder further, the magnificence of life itself and all that it encompasses in purity, density and magnitude. The trees, the leaves and oceans are picturesque in grounded presence and purpose. We see a tree as a tree, doing nothing other than just being. Yet we can appreciate its stability and majesty in every way, whilst never giving thought to its integrity and purpose. Does a tree change its leaves or sway against the wind? And do the oceans roll in to the north in a strong easterly breeze? The soil beneath our feet nestles into the hard earth below, where earthworms make their home and crops sprout with new growth. The sun rises each morning and sets in the eve, as the moon sits high each night, according to its placement in the cycles of the cosmos above.

The rivers flow to the seas, and never against the tide. The canyons sit high above the valleys below, and the sky reigns blue as stars shine through the night. Even in the wild, animal life and insects go about their day in the flow of life, movement and growth. Never fighting their existence, nor living behind a facade within a formidable house of cards. The synchronicty between animal kingdom and Mother Earth, remains an ever questioned mystery to humans seemingly inert.  And the seas in their life and flow, remain majestic and ferocious in their cycles of mood bestowed.

Grand Canyon

And then there’s humanity, with lip cream and douse. Nips and tucks and corsets and clowns. Where seabeds funnel their ground in life, humans bury their heart and lives in strife. Seahorses roam the oceans afar, and conmen spread their lies in division and glamoured mar. As poetic as it sounds, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Where nature is our nurture and humans the Earth’s predator.

There are so many falsehoods in life wrapped in bubbles of fluff and packaged in boxes of ribbons and bows. “I love you”, says one to all, up high on throne and cast in gold. “We are all one in the circle of life and love”. Indeed we may be united in life and the truth of eternal consciousness, yet here in the physical realm of body and thought, we may choose whether or not to be as one with the life and agenda of falsehoods.

Fancy Dress

The new age “club of life” appears to be everything love and light, and the perfection of spirit in oneness. Yet I often ponder how it’s possible to be as one with those whose agenda is of dark nature in hate, chaos and destruction? To be as one with all is to be as one with darkness too, as it is to be as one with horrific actions and plight. United we all stand in life, breath and community, yet to stand as one with the dark side remains always only by choice. Some have their journey of darkness to fulfil, and of that we may have no say. Yet we do have a say in communion with whom we wish to share our heart and truth.

In the circle of life on Earth, we are united in community to all that we share on this world. Yet it would seem that many a false prophet would encourage the suppression of discernment and thought, for love, forgiveness and peace for all. And so I wonder, where is the sanity in that? To think for ourselves and make up our own mind on whether something serves our purpose or not, is where many an awakened soul will choose to stray.

While I am no guru or prophet, and I have no desire to become one. I know myself well and I know what feels right for me. When life slaps you in the face, you can either crumble in a heap or stand tall and metaphorically slap it right back. Why lay down and die when you have a mind and voice of your own? As society falls deeper into political correctness, it would encourage a multitude of one sided slapping, where one is taught to walk away in love and forgiveness. Whilst an eye for an eye makes everyone blind”, may share an element of truth. These words are in clever use in the physical sense of thought, rather than the empowerment of self respect and personal choice, derived from healthy discernment.

To sit in silence in a sub world of killing, abuse and hate.. is to give up in a repressed and dead state. To speak up on matters of taboo and rife, slays the beast of death and lies. It’s important to speak one’s truth, as it is important to stand your ground in all that doesn’t feel right. I would thumb the mantra of “forgiveness is all in peace and love”, for a new mantra in reality that says, “Speak up and speak out in your truth”. For here lies the death of the beast in the face of stance and outcry.

Fighting Back

And so, “to be as one is to be at one with all” is no longer my life mantra. I believed in this for some while, at a time when I fell into the pool of “one is all and all is one”. Yet as a child the idea of dieing I didn’t fear. It was only the thought of meeting as one in a ball of light where I would no longer exist as “me”. I remember pondering the thought of being consumed as one in death, and I would revile at the thought and idea of this. The image of a vacuum sucking my life-force into a bag of fluff, where I would merge into the oneness of all that sat in the dark of murky dirt and dust. It wasn’t until years later, where many a spiritual meme would entice my broken heart and shattered thoughts into a sea of “one is all”. It was here that I sat for a while and pondered, never forgetting my heart. And it was here that my memories reminded me, of all that I reviled in childhood.


And so here I am as one. One with me, and one with my soul, in unity with all life on Earth. Devoid of falsehood and living my truth in solace, courage and freedom of thought. It is in this place where I may be uniquely me, where I share in the interconnection of all living things, yet remain sovereign in heart and mind where I am spiritually eternal and free.

Julie Anne

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