A Note to My Inner Child

innermechildI love you, I hear you, I see you and I embrace you. Your guiding light through moments of dark and despair, have helped me to see the life and beauty in all things. The wonder in your eyes at the mystery and vastness of life and soul, inspires me to see a darkening world through your eyes.

I often feel your gentle tap on my shoulder, lifting me out of subdued melancholy. And the warm hugs of love and encouragement, when I’m feeling uncertain and insecure. I often hear you say, “Go on, you can do it!”. And I feel your unconditional love of all things, fill my heart with peace and joy. I am grateful for all that you show me, through the eyes of innocence and the freedom of an unchained mind and heart. And it is your youthful wisdom that you share so freely and without fear, that has enabled me to live your vision in love and truth.

It is only now that I realise, the many times I have thought I have failed in reaching out to you, that it has in fact been you reaching out to me.. holding our heart in unison during the most challenging of times.

Thank you for showing me our truth, and for never giving up on me as I often have you ♥

Julie Anne

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