“As long as we continue to question everything, including our own beliefs and knowings, then we are always in the flow of the waters of life and creation. To become stuck on one belief only perpetuates stagnation in illusory freedoms, where the mind remains unchallenged in its comfort zone” ~ Julie Anne

ZenFrom an early age we look on in awe at the mystery that surrounds the vast beauty of our great Mother Earth. We question life and the workings of the Universe, seeking answers as a young enquiring mind, whilst searching for experiences that fill the heart with love. The world appears eternal and free, with so much to see, taste and explore. Yet as we get older, we come to realise the truth of life and the illusory matrix that we are born into.

Everyone has their story, and coming out of the dark and into the light is an experience many will know at least once in their lifetime. Dark Night of the Soul feels intensely dark, desolate and infinitely lonely, and it’s that feeling of being unable to reach the light, where you feel trapped in an eternal void of nothingness. Yet it is in this place where we find ourselves, devoid of programs and stripped bare of the life long facades that presented as a mask representing the true hidden self. It is in this place that we meet with our soul in raw, naked truth. And it is also the place where we are reborn, leaving behind the cocoon that we had become enmeshed within during years of hibernation. It is here that we experience death, so that we may take the first steps towards awakening in rebirth.

The deepest truth to soul awakening lies not in the birth of new belief systems, but in the shattering and death of the old that no longer serves as truth. The journey of awakening is the path of mazes filled with back street peddlers and enticing dark corners of hidden fire, that ultimately lead the awakening soul through the valley of lies and illusion, and into the dark room of despair. It’s not until one emerges naked of thought and ideals, that sudden clarity washes over like a bucket of ice. It is in this eternal moment where revelation births anew.

After several years of challenge that ultimately led to the first of a few dark nights of the soul; self awareness, clarity of mind and soul freedom have been the gift that has allowed me to see through the many illusions, so that I may embark on the journey of truth leaving behind the shattered illusory programs and belief systems. On the rocky road of soul searching, I have discovered the grounding stillness of quietude, as well as deep inner healing through the beauty of nature and all that Mother Earth has to offer.

My life journey so far has proven that peace in the outer world can only come from an inner source within. And to live the soul’s truth is to be self aware and present in the eternal moment of conscious thought. From a place of inner knowing we can tear down the walls of illusion that are designed to imprison the mind, to ultimately become united in one common goal in truth seeking, awakening and reconnection to the knowledge that we are life eternal and sovereign beings.

It’s my hope that one day the world will truly awaken and come together as a unified whole, where truth and love are the keystone to living within the duality of connectedness and individuality, and within the essence of knowing who we truly are.

In helping to achieve this, my soul work is in helping others to awaken and tear down the corridors of illusion that we are born into. To share articles and writings on love, truth and wisdom through life experiences and from the depths of inner knowing that flows from within, as a result of my own soul awakening.

Although challenging at times, I am grateful for my experiences as they continue to shape my life into truth living and soul freedom. My ultimate wish is to continue to share insights along the way and to help others lift their view from the illusion of life. To question everything, including their own beliefs..  to be in the heart of truth, to think from the soul with clarity, and to love with eternal inner light.

Thank you for sharing this space in my journey with you.


Julie Anne