answer withinGuided by truth, allow your moments to create all that you wish to be and feel.

Rather than be cornered in a mind prison, allow the footsteps of your heart to create the path you seek to travel. One step at a time, feel the life in each step and feel where it takes you.

As each day unfolds in the light of your thoughts, the vibration of feelings create each moment. Trust in your feelings, allow them to breathe where they may create the freedom of authentic life.

As painful as it may be, face the sorrow within and nurture the wound with an open heart, and allow time to heal. Time is the great healer and saving grace during times of despair. Allow time to be your friend, to help nurture your heart and lift the soul, and gradually bring clarity of mind in unity with truth.

There are many shifts occurring not only in the world, but also throughout the universe. This shift is magnetic and it brings truth into our lives. Initially through crisis, followed by clarity of mind and knowing and acceptance of the true self. However like all change, it’s not an easy transformation as we tend to hold onto our beliefs, rather than surrender to truth.

During these moments of shift and change, unhealed wounds of the heart rise up and immerse within the emotional space. Overall, promptly forcing the heart to close in fear and guard the light of soul.

Depression is a big subject with so many listed causes. Yet with time and self realisation, the soul is able to shine through, even through the darkest hour. Nature’s butterfly is a beautiful example of growth that succeeds a period of darkness. Without change, life stagnates and hinders the flow of waters in conscious life eternal.

Depression is a lonely place where sufferers feel completely alone with their thoughts and feelings. Time in nature or daily walks or outings will help lift the weight of the dark, and transmute some of the pain.

Shifts and positive life changes tend to precede a period of uncertainty and darkness. Allow your light to shine through the fog of night and the clouds of day, and be a beacon of light for all who follow the same path of awakening.

In light

Julie Anne

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