Blazing Sun

Blazing sun3

Love’s trust
soul faith
Love in time betroths
all that sits in wait.

Harried none
stuck on one
fever comes to boil.

heart anew
lonely hearts aflame.

Beget the dew
of fallen dreams
in a heart forlorn and blue.

Open eyes
seek the sun
in all the skies above.

Chance of failure

love is firm
stake the shadow blues.

Sit in wait
of all to come.
Trust in love
and hearts so true.

Wicked is the night

moonlight sets the scene.
Harvard is thee to write
in hearts aflame of bloom.

For tender is the heart

in moments herewith gone.
Sacred is the life
shadows waiver soon.

Sit with thee
in the blazing sun
scenery of the heart.

Stilted is the flame no more
in features of the night.


Julie Anne

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