Soul Lantern

Life’s view appears in various forms of understanding and perception, depending on a person’s innermost state of being and thought. Yet to ponder life and its varied mechanisms of structure and organisation, it is a committed and half blinded tedium of peeling back the many layers of an onion. With tears streaming from the noxious gas, whilst simultaneously blind sighted from clear view, you appear to have finally reached the core. Only to discover a smaller inner bulb with yet another round of encompassing and protective layers abound.


And so it goes through the eyes of a poet and journey of life, where many a layered core lay deep beneath the rubble and rust of a reality hidden behind closed doors. Knock once, knock twice, or tear the door down. Yet finding the truth of all that lay still, will ever yet be found. With mazes of light and dust and a trillion treasures to be found, an array of distractions lay afoot with each step ahead in unmet ground.  It is here in the wood of heart and mind where the grass often grows bushy and sits on high, as many a concealed path leads to a place of cyclic reprise. And it is here that the mind is diverted to synthetic colour and sound, where the light shines bright along the corridor of life, and the soul may be sold for a pound.

The Power of Distraction by Greg Calise, describes distraction perfectly as a “powerful tool of overload” that leads the mind askew in a world of dark and hue.

In a moment of repeal the mind steps back in hesitation and fear, one foot after another, easing the pace of flight. “Are we there yet?” Reaching out in the fog and recoiling in haste, “Is anyone out there? Angels, Gods, guiding lights?”. Alone in the silence, leaves crunching under foot, feeling lost, afraid and confused. Wandering through the maze of life, unaware of what is real or true. And yet the maze is only a maze throughout the corners of the mind, where the corridors are lined with blazing torches of light. This way says the sign, emblazoned in flames. Follow the road of light, to the rainbow yonder and nigh.

Path to hell

Onward bound the journey goes, only to find yet another maze adorned with mirrors and lights. The road of enlightenment possibly missed, yet soothing an idea it remains. And so continue on through the maze of lights, this way and that way they lead. Corners of light and dark await, of choice it really depends on what lures desire or hate. Closer yet through the valley of light, beckoning deeper still, the trust and hope of inner fear that is yet to know the truth. Steeper yet the valley of night draws near, blinding light shining the way, yet never seeming to steer. Off the path it seems, wading through swamps of gloom and slime, yet guided by the light, onward the journey goes.

Looking back through the mist of last, reflection sways the mood. However did it seem right, to follow the path of unknown hue? Yet without trust and hope, the soul withers and weeps, looking for direction out of the cascading heap. When suddenly it dawns as the light of morning sun, when truth comes to the fore of an enlightened rule of thumb. Whose light shall we seek in moments of dire when the path is far from clear? And whose path shall we follow when the journey seems rife with confusion, loss of hope and fear?


Maps through the maze there are not, yet lights of direction lead the way to the illusionary top. Listening for sound other than the cackle of fire that leads the way ahead. Nothing seems to answer, until feeling a moment of dread. An inner voice speaks softly, from within the heart of hope. “Seek not thee wanderer, of another’s light abound for it will only lead you further and hopelessly underground. For the light within is the only true light, that will lead you to the heart of truth with feet firm on the ground”.

And so it is that we all wander through the valley of life and death. Seeking truth from an often desolate heart, that’s given up on finding the core of the path. Yet the core may always be found when viewed from within, as the many outer layers only serve as a protective glove on bare skin.


In alignment with deeper truth and integrity, the soul’s compass may always serve as an inner lantern to all that sits in confusion and fear. For every unanswered question, and for all that lay hidden in the dark, follow not the light of another for the lantern of the soul will always lead the way.

Julie Anne


A Life of Falsehoods

As I ponder our existence in this realm, what it’s all about and where we’re all from, I often get this melancholic sense of being far from home. Yet this beautiful planet Earth is home to all and one, and we are all neighbours sharing the many wonders and expansive landscapes of sand and soil, sun, water and air. The magnificence and beauty of the world around us is breathtaking and awe inspiring, leaving me to wonder why I never became a photographer where I could capture every moment of every living thing, in a single moment of time. Lo and behold, as much as I love the art of photography, it has never been my forte, yet I can appreciate the magic and brilliance of an artist who captures such presence in a single frame.

Old Camera

Which leaves me to ponder further, the magnificence of life itself and all that it encompasses in purity, density and magnitude. The trees, the leaves and oceans are picturesque in grounded presence and purpose. We see a tree as a tree, doing nothing other than just being. Yet we can appreciate its stability and majesty in every way, whilst never giving thought to its integrity and purpose. Does a tree change its leaves or sway against the wind? And do the oceans roll in to the north in a strong easterly breeze? The soil beneath our feet nestles into the hard earth below, where earthworms make their home and crops sprout with new growth. The sun rises each morning and sets in the eve, as the moon sits high each night, according to its placement in the cycles of the cosmos above.

The rivers flow to the seas, and never against the tide. The canyons sit high above the valleys below, and the sky reigns blue as stars shine through the night. Even in the wild, animal life and insects go about their day in the flow of life, movement and growth. Never fighting their existence, nor living behind a facade within a formidable house of cards. The synchronicty between animal kingdom and Mother Earth, remains an ever questioned mystery to humans seemingly inert.  And the seas in their life and flow, remain majestic and ferocious in their cycles of mood bestowed.

Grand Canyon

And then there’s humanity, with lip cream and douse. Nips and tucks and corsets and clowns. Where seabeds funnel their ground in life, humans bury their heart and lives in strife. Seahorses roam the oceans afar, and conmen spread their lies in division and glamoured mar. As poetic as it sounds, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Where nature is our nurture and humans the Earth’s predator.

There are so many falsehoods in life wrapped in bubbles of fluff and packaged in boxes of ribbons and bows. “I love you”, says one to all, up high on throne and cast in gold. “We are all one in the circle of life and love”. Indeed we may be united in life and the truth of eternal consciousness, yet here in the physical realm of body and thought, we may choose whether or not to be as one with the life and agenda of falsehoods.

Fancy Dress

The new age “club of life” appears to be everything love and light, and the perfection of spirit in oneness. Yet I often ponder how it’s possible to be as one with those whose agenda is of dark nature in hate, chaos and destruction? To be as one with all is to be as one with darkness too, as it is to be as one with horrific actions and plight. United we all stand in life, breath and community, yet to stand as one with the dark side remains always only by choice. Some have their journey of darkness to fulfil, and of that we may have no say. Yet we do have a say in communion with whom we wish to share our heart and truth.

In the circle of life on Earth, we are united in community to all that we share on this world. Yet it would seem that many a false prophet would encourage the suppression of discernment and thought, for love, forgiveness and peace for all. And so I wonder, where is the sanity in that? To think for ourselves and make up our own mind on whether something serves our purpose or not, is where many an awakened soul will choose to stray.

While I am no guru or prophet, and I have no desire to become one. I know myself well and I know what feels right for me. When life slaps you in the face, you can either crumble in a heap or stand tall and metaphorically slap it right back. Why lay down and die when you have a mind and voice of your own? As society falls deeper into political correctness, it would encourage a multitude of one sided slapping, where one is taught to walk away in love and forgiveness. Whilst an eye for an eye makes everyone blind”, may share an element of truth. These words are in clever use in the physical sense of thought, rather than the empowerment of self respect and personal choice, derived from healthy discernment.

To sit in silence in a sub world of killing, abuse and hate.. is to give up in a repressed and dead state. To speak up on matters of taboo and rife, slays the beast of death and lies. It’s important to speak one’s truth, as it is important to stand your ground in all that doesn’t feel right. I would thumb the mantra of “forgiveness is all in peace and love”, for a new mantra in reality that says, “Speak up and speak out in your truth”. For here lies the death of the beast in the face of stance and outcry.

Fighting Back

And so, “to be as one is to be at one with all” is no longer my life mantra. I believed in this for some while, at a time when I fell into the pool of “one is all and all is one”. Yet as a child the idea of dieing I didn’t fear. It was only the thought of meeting as one in a ball of light where I would no longer exist as “me”. I remember pondering the thought of being consumed as one in death, and I would revile at the thought and idea of this. The image of a vacuum sucking my life-force into a bag of fluff, where I would merge into the oneness of all that sat in the dark of murky dirt and dust. It wasn’t until years later, where many a spiritual meme would entice my broken heart and shattered thoughts into a sea of “one is all”. It was here that I sat for a while and pondered, never forgetting my heart. And it was here that my memories reminded me, of all that I reviled in childhood.


And so here I am as one. One with me, and one with my soul, in unity with all life on Earth. Devoid of falsehood and living my truth in solace, courage and freedom of thought. It is in this place where I may be uniquely me, where I share in the interconnection of all living things, yet remain sovereign in heart and mind where I am spiritually eternal and free.

Julie Anne

The Race to Nowhere

In a perfect world, being in the flow of life would require little effort, other than passion, imagination and creative expression. When creating from passion, life flows with the running waters of presence and purpose, always giving new life to the eternal moment of now. So where do we go wrong when the flow becomes stagnant, to the point of being lost in a thorny mazed thicket? It may be that life has given us a bum steer, or it may just be that we’ve gone off path, chasing a bright and shiny light out yonder.

JugglingI remember my parents telling me about focus, and to concentrate only on what is currently in hand. I was the kinda kid that would ask the question.. “What should I focus on if I’m juggling three balls?” Little did I know at the time, my parents were attempting to teach a valuable life lesson on presence and clarity. Something I would only discover much later in life, through the journey of mazes and valleys of death and plight where unicorns shot poison laced rainbows and serpents hid behind the clouds of heaven.

With so many aspects of life to juggle, it’s not hard to miss the hidden traps and landmines that lay in wait for us to trip up on and fall victim to. And so rather than just a fast winding road to nowhere, welcome to the land of potholes and pitfalls into the unknown.

Life is no race either… nor is anyone unequal to another on the path of learning and evolvement, as my friend Greg Calise writes in his article, “We Are All Equal Here”. Yet if you look at the race between rabbit and turtle, where the turtle mosey’s through the finish line, only to find the rabbit sitting in wait with a winner’s smirk. The rabbit says to the turtle, “Well.. since you were left behind in the dust, I’ve beaten you to the discovery of a whole new world”. To which the turtle replies, “Well.. whilst you railroaded my path at high velocity, leaving me lost in a trail of dust, I have taken my time along the road of danger and plight, to smell the roses along the way and gather the necessary tools to manoeuvre around the new world ahead”.

And so along the slow rocky path, the turtle had learnt that the finish line is merely a crossover into the next stage of discovery that cannot be seen or understood, until the landscape and mystery of this world has first been fully explored, uncovered and realised.

A Turtle's Journey

And so there is no winner on the journey of life, nor will fast tracking take you where you need to go. It is the slow path of hidden corners and landslides, with many diversions and pitfalls along the way that ultimately lead in new directions of discovery.. in life, love and purpose.

And so with the turtle’s journey, rather than being thought of as a lacklustre slow coach, he should rather be considered as Tempered Warrior! With a shell made of near steel to shelter him from weariness and rain, he cannot be lured into the lion’s den, nor does he have speed to jump from frying pan to the fire, with time for pause before action. His cumbersome and protective home that shares his journey, may  perilously take him on landslides of death, yet it may also lead him to nourishment that may only come from the waters below where the fallen path has taken him. I think we could learn much from the turtle, in presence, determination and steadfast will.

Yet it would seem that the path of the rabbit is the cultured meme of the day. Where nothing gets noticed along the way, with the finish line being the focus. “Win, win, win.. I must get there first and win!”, says the rabbit. And so at 100 mph, without thought or consideration for potholes and landmines ahead, off the rabbit bolts to the finish line where he passes the turtle, tiptoes around the Lion and races through the daisies, over a rickety bridge to a shining oasis of greenery.


And so also in life we meet many a lion, and unlike the rabbit we may stop and say, “Hi, may I stay for a while?” And in noticing bared teeth, “Thank you for the tea, but I must be on my way”. And into the maze we go, like the turtle who mosey’s into the dark of night with shadows all around and no finish line in sight. Yet the turtle has learnt that although a ferocious predator, the lion is also a fierce reminder of other potential dangers that lurk and lay ahead. The rabbit could not have learnt this in his dust spinning rush, and so victim he may fall to the many potholes in wait that lay immune to the speed as he fleds.

Lion's den

I’ve met many a lion on the path, as well as a fox or two. A giant, a bear with sharp teeth, a few snakes in the grass and reindeer too. I also met a unicorn once, with rainbows of glitter and bright. And it was here that I stayed too long, in the hypnosis of sugar and light. It was here that I found it hardest to leave, as this was truly the life of dreams in comfort, herd and temporary home.


Yet within the boundaries of the forest, I could see temples of light and waterfalls of long, seeking curiosity like a Pandora’s Box. And so through the tulips of light I danced, over daisies and sunflowers of love, into a world of mysterious wonder.. of ancient rule and chambers of sombre. Many a trick was learnt, through magick and the silence of prayer. And it was here that I found my bed, yet unmade it lay and bare. Ready for me to pack up and cross the river ahead.

Pandora's Box

So as the turtle seeks its path along the road of rocks and falls, I too trekked my way over mountains that bared landmines and hidden lairs. Yet the surrounds of landscaped beauty that is our Mother Earth, and the bees and flowing waters that held my path in check, kept me grounded in my pain and oblivious to flights of fancy in a world filled with oasis’ of bright shiny lights.

And so it is between tortoise and hare, life becomes a race of first and next. The first to discover and the first to ascend into a new world of more shining lights and nets. Yet it is only in the eternal moment of the present, in hinder and cumbersome tide, where we may gather the tools we need to survive on a new leg of the journey ahead, and into another world of hidden plight.

It is only here that one may find truth and presence, in the detail of life whilst mindful of the perils at hand and remaining grounded in the beauty of Earth. For racing past all that is present, only leads to a false finish of illusion and stagnated life lacking purpose.

Julie Anne

Waters of Life

Water of LifeWe all hold a piece to the great puzzle, and there’s no ‘one’ answer for anything. Nothing is absolute in an ever-changing world of evolution, and no ‘one’ person holds the answer to all things. Words resonate at different levels of perception, depending on who we are in relationship to self. What resonates with deep meaning for one, may rattle the mind of another. We are all on our own soul journey, with many dips and turns along the way. As long as we continue to question everything, including our own beliefs and inner knowings, then we resist falling into stagnation and thus continue our eternal flow in the waters of life and soul creation.

Julie Anne

The Emporer’s New Clothes

It is without doubt that life is an array of experiences, challenges and confrontations with many questions and unsolved riddles. It is a world of constant change filled with uncertainty and unknown outcomes. Is it any wonder that we live in fear, within a controlled paradigm of tyranny and manipulation. With the ongoing onslaught of horrific events flooding not only the lives of those who have tragically lost family and friends, but also the constant stream of “bad” news and media shocking the world 24/7 with pictures of war, hate and bloodshed. Indeed, it has the power to create further confusion, division and hate in a world that already lives in a perpetual state of fear.

This includes the most recent Malaysian Flight carnage, where it also serves as a reminder that we are perpetually locked into a world of never-ending crimes of war, bloodshed and loss. Although my heart goes out to those who have suffered loss and who continue to suffer, throughout a history of abominable acts of war and organised crime, I don’t buy into the lies and carnage that are used by the ‘powers that be’, to create further division amongst the masses. It is this very criminal and psychopathic mindset of control and manipulatory measures of violence and death, that’s used to shock the masses into widespread religious debate and in-house fighting and killing. This is exactly what the power hungry criminals want through the perpetuation of murder, shock, loss and aftermath violence that only serves to manipulate and imprison the consciousness and very heart of humanity.

Although many can do without confronting and heart wrenching pictures of death and carnage, I feel that it’s important for the bulk of humanity to stop turning a blind eye to the truth of what is actually happening in our world. It may not effect the masses directly, as these ongoing wars of violence and murder appear to effect smaller portions of the world indirectly to begin with, only to follow through directly with a newly created ‘solution’ that was devised through the use of violence in the first place, and that ultimately effects the freedom of mankind as a whole. When these events occur they create war, division and more violence, and then life goes on… until the next abominable act. But life never truly goes on in the way it once had, as certain liberties are covertly stripped away by reason of terror inflicted “proof” that humanity needs more structured control and authority, resulting in further loss of privacy, sovereignty and united community.

We live in a world of vast beauty and mileage that is our Mother Earth, and although we are to stand united in sharing her life giving resources in order to survive, we also stand atomically united in sharing her heart and soul. This means letting go of programs and belief systems based on worship and idolatry, and recognising our own inner light and the current truth of life on our planet. Turning a blind eye and believing that all is fluffy love and light may be one way of dealing with the daily horrors we face. But it also serves as being unproductive in the shattering of facades and tyranny that holds humanity perpetually locked in an ongoing state of fear and hypnosis. Whilst finding one’s happy place is an important aspect of positive creation and growth, it’s here that we may also become lost in the land of rainbows where we lose sight of the reality around us.

Vast Mother Earth

Whilst there’s truth in perceiving the world from a personal world within, the lines are a little blurred in this preached mantra, and intentionally so by many a new age movement. “That which we recognise outside of ourselves, lies within”. What person, who believes the spiritual trigonometry of illusory separateness, wishes to recognise the atrocities of the world, inflicted by the actions of their “universal brothers and sisters who are eternally united in oneness”, as a dark and unmanifest truth within themselves? It’s impossible to marry up with this belief, unless you’re actually aligned with the dark side in resonance.

And so this is the perfect landmine trap, used for the birth of universal blind sighting. If I were to recognise the horrors of the world as yet occurring, but turn the other way under the false precept of knowing only ‘love and light’ as my reality, as this is all I will allow myself to focus on, then this is in fact the true act of separation. “Divide and conquer!” War mongers depend on this very mindset in order to carry out their agendas and means of control.

And so under the guise that we are all one, these horrific acts of violence also become our personal responsibility! What right minded, caring, loving person can accept this so called truth under the banner of one is all, and all is one? United we indeed must stand, in order to preserve our life giving Mother Earth, however stand together in the ‘oneness’ of atrocities that is occurring on this great planet? No thanks! The heart and mind reviles at this thought, and so begins the journey of blind sighted division and acceptance of the mind prison that is currently being inflicted on human consciousness.

“What can I do?” say the many. “How may I, a single person, make a difference, other than depress myself in facing morbid truths?”. In all honesty, I used to think the same way. How could I, a wife, mother and custodian of the maternal fraternity, make any difference in a floundering world of violence, war and propaganda?

As I lived within this “belief system” for many years, I turned a blind eye in helpless abate, hoping the world would miraculously sort out its “own” mess. I had removed myself from all blame and all recognition of anything that was of an horrendous and dark agenda. Yet on it went around me, serving as an ongoing and painful reminder of the actual world we live within.

“This isn’t my world and I didn’t ask to be here! This isn’t my home and why would I choose to be here anyway? It’s a world of madness with ever growing insanity!”. This is what I allowed myself to believe. And so I was of the mindset that the less I chose to look at front on, the more removed from it I would become. After all, I believe I am a person of integrity, empathy and compassion. I know that I would never intentionally harm another and wish only to live in a place where there is love and community, and caring for all. If I were to look too closely at war, hate and the world’s atrocities and associated propaganda, then I would be looking at the unmanifest within. I immediately reviled at this horrific thought and fell deeper into the hypnosis of ‘love and light’ is all there is. I do believe love and light to be the truth, and its opposite an illusory lie of separation. However this is where the paradox of truth meets lie. When we choose not to recognise the lie, we become the lie. When we turn away from truth under the banner of love is all there is, then the lie still remains behind the curtain of denial. That which we face becomes recognised, where it may heal the heart of knowing and dissolve in the light of truth.

In this imaginary realm of, all is peace and safety, my personal world was falling apart. Everything I loved dearly was being threatened, and all my dreams and achievements began to fail. My life and health were failing and my personal world was beginning to shatter and crumble. I lost nearly everything, including my home, my health and nearly my sanity, and here I wallowed in dark confusion for some time. Nothing seemed to make sense.

It wasn’t until later that I bravely began to face all that was ugly in the world, where I stared the shadows of death square in the face. This metaphoric confrontation removed the final veil of illusion to stark, cold truths that I had denied for years. As I had turned a blind eye on a world that needs to stand united in order to awaken to its prison, I realised this same denial had also served as a reflection on how I had turned my back on the holographic realm of my own inner world. “As above and so below”.

And so I came to realise that the more we turn a blind eye, the more we are susceptible to the lies and propaganda that is fed to the world under the rule of power hungry and tyrannical leaderships. The more we turn away, the more freedoms we inherently lose. The truth is always in plain sight, and it is here that we need to place our focus if we are to not only take back stolen liberties, but to also shatter the agendas of illusion that continue to propagate and perpetuate ongoing spiritual imprisonment. After all, how can one escape if one doesn’t recognise their own prison?

Indeed, true freedom will only be known when humanity not only faces the dark corners of life front on, but also recognises and strips back lies that parade in veiled truth, rather than accept a known lie in fear, as in Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes. It’s only when we face truth that we recognise the lie, and here lies the paradox… unless we see the lie, we can never know truth.


As mentioned in a previous article, truth is not always pretty. It’s not the path lined with daisies and sunflowers, nor is it a “tip toe through the tulips”. Tip toeing only skirts around the issue at hand, and seeing butterflies and bluebirds in all parts of the world only represents a portioned landscape of free living. It’s in this very place that the hierarchy of power wishes the bulk of humanity to reside within. A real life Wizard of Oz scenario where there’s a rainbow to safety, hence giving little focus and presence to the propaganda machine that’s churned out daily behind the covert smoke screens.

Whilst in-fighting and division occurs amongst rebels and freedom fighters, the rest of humanity remains oblivious to covert operations whilst living in a contrived fantasy world of distraction, perfection and beauty. Here lies the deceit and facade that continues to guard hidden manipulation and control. It is also where ‘the powers that be’, dip their hand in new age movements that would have its followers believe the naked ‘Emperor’ is in fact a fully suited universal deity. Dare to say otherwise or ‘bare’ truth, condemns the person to tin foil hat status of self reflection and ultimate deprecation. He who sees naked truth is deplored and outcasted from the community’s safeguard, like a prisoner incarcerated in solitary confinement, left alone in confined space and thought.

Although the world and all humanity may be united in universal sister / brotherhood, the soul itself is sovereign in its own right and answerable only to the body it resides within. It will only be until mankind remembers this, that world wars and division will continue.

Indeed, the war on terror is not only a war that fattens greed and fuels the power of narcissism and psychopathy, but it is also the desolation of peace and freedoms of humanity, where the true war is on the consciousness and divine heart of Mother Earth and her children.

We are united as one, yet we are also sovereign in life and soul. Each person represents a piece of the puzzle that is life and all creation, and we all carry the memory of soul truth. We have a right to the experience of a world that is created in love, beauty and freedom, and it is in our divine power to create such a world. Yet, until we not only see the lie and recognise that ‘The Emperor’ is in fact naked, the power lies within each person in unity with the whole, to overcome fear of division and judgement, and to declare and expose the all naked truth for the world to see and know.

In light

Julie Anne


Pathway to EnlightenmentThe path to love, joy and happiness lay eternally within. Whether awakened or in a deep slumber, its comforting warmth and protection is infinitely there and readily available for all who seek its nurture.

It is often perceived that enlightenment is the true path to love and happiness, yet seeking truth and self awareness is no rainbow of “butterflies and bluebirds”. Neither is it a Sunday walk in the park, but rather a blinded teeter through a 100 mile maze over hot coals, followed by an infinite stay in the “Dark Room of Despair” where you stumble in the dark looking for the door, to finally emerge with scolded feet and met naked with a bucket of ice over the head in subzero temperatures. Only then comes the rebirth from a beautiful and familiar, yet chaotic world of splintered illusion, into the truth of reality, soul freedom and clarity.

As morbid as it sounds, it is true for so many who go through the stages of “Dark Night of the Soul”. Yet in order to truly self heal, reawaken and reconnect with the soul, the various corridors, facades and hallways of illusion need to be passed through in order to tear them down. This is the true path to enlightenment, and although ultimately cleansing and freeing, it is not easy or pretty.

Julie Anne

Photo by: bigfatgreycat

Heart Speak

What to say when there’s so much to say, is probably the best time to say nothing at all. Yet maybe, it’s also the right time to speak on matters of taboo, and moments that may not always enthral. To live life in fear of failure, is to miss the point of life itself. And to hide behind the curtains of who we truly are, is to function within existence rather than experience the fullness of life in awe. Why hold back on all that is real, when you can open the gates of prison that suppress, compress and control.


I am a person of integrity, and after years of an inner battle with silence, I believe in speaking one’s truth. I also believe we are here for more than one reason, other than to know and experience love and the magnificence of Mother Earth in all her beauty and awe. We must also know fear and all of its dark attributes too. We have all known and experienced both, yet what stands out most for me is the great awareness it has gifted me, along with deep self knowing and purpose.

I am me, and I may be a little weird or crazy at times. But then, how do you define weird, as opposed to normal? And what is normal? If normal is in agreeance with hive mind thought and stagnation in social conformity, give me weird and crazy any day! I can also be reclusive and disappear into my cave.. and sometimes for a whole year! Over time I have come to understand that this is where I would learn more about me and who I am, by going within and allowing myself to feel and know complex, and at times painful emotions that I was experiencing at the time, and that could also have easily been denied and pushed down. I’m not perfect, in fact… far from it. But I’m honest with myself and others, and it’s from here where true freedom and soul creation begins.


I came to an understanding some time back, that people pleasing could no longer be a part of who I am. Not only is it a false world of neediness and manipulation, but it’s also a world of fake love and false light. I’ve come to know the difference between being there for friends and family where possible, and suppressing my truth to please the needs of others. This may not make for the most fluffy or reliable person in the eyes of some, but there is one thing I can guarantee.. and that is my truth and honesty. I won’t lie, cheat, maim or blame, nor will I profess to love all when I don’t. Yet ask me what I think, or ask what I feel.. and you can rest assured of the answer you may or may not seek. It won’t be cushioned or filled with false light, but with respect, I will share the truth of what’s there.

In relation to misguided love, personal pain and battles, we all have ways of dealing with hardship in our lives, and some face more than others. Some face short bouts, and others have never-ending challenges. Rather than judging someone for their baggage, I respect their journey with an understanding that this is where they have chosen to be in their life. We all have our journey and we all have pain and struggle to some degree. If we could just respect each others’ journeys, without expectation or approval for the choices we make, and with just a little understanding for the journey that person is on. When we become angry, annoyed or frustrated with others for their choices and chosen path, it only serves as a losing inner battle that often leads to resentment, misunderstanding and childish acts of group isolation and outcast.

Let this not be mistaken with judgement however, as let’s face it.. everyone judges another and everyone has an opinion. It’s one thing to respect another’s journey, whilst in opinionated silence. But to suppress judgement in the face of evil that will try to tear you down on its determined journey of discredit and destruction… this is where discernment is a healthy and needed commodity of stance and vital barrier enforcement.

Gates of Hell

It’s now more than ever, during challenging times of upheaval and shift for so many, that we need to stand forthright in our uniqueness, whilst acknowledging unity with the world around us. With so much anger, resentment and dislike in the world, causing community dissection and divided factions, where the fueling of hate and denigration lead to the very atrocities that occur in the wars we purport to abhor and revile. What will it take to see that we have actually become those wars? So above and so below. Live and let live is my mantra, and live with authentic reign of who you are with purpose of will and a healthy discernment of what is and what isn’t, along the path of life in the black, the white, the colour and grey.

And so after my eternal experience in Dark Night of the Soul, now when I’m feeling down I look at the cause and I face it down, and move on to greener pastures of life. I no longer haul along my baggage, for it no longer serves my path. I leave it behind without looking back, for where may it take me when I’m determined for a life that will keep me on track. And so I continue on my path like the great waterfall and running waters of life where I walk with the beauty of Mother Earth, who will lift the clouds of grey that may veil and threaten my heart and worth.


It is true that to deny our emotions is to deny the expression of the many aspects of self. But there are way too many unnecessary battles going on in the world, from both within and without, where I have now chosen to let go and walk the path of truth, whilst also respecting the paths of others. By letting go, rather than holding on to to all that may remain bubbling within the depths of the moors, I have chosen to leave it all behind in my trek around the mysteries of Earth, in her beauty in surrounding darkness and timeless wonder and girth.

Indeed, what to say when you have nothing to say, when the truth is.. you can feel it spilling over like a shaken bottle of sparkling wine. To go within and soul search with the heart in the right place and eyes of new, one may rightly have very little to say at times. Yet during times of quiet, I listen to my heart as it speaks volumes.. in presence, conscious thought and raw naked truth.

Julie Anne


answer withinGuided by truth, allow your moments to create all that you wish to be and feel.

Rather than be cornered in a mind prison, allow the footsteps of your heart to create the path you seek to travel. One step at a time, feel the life in each step and feel where it takes you.

As each day unfolds in the light of your thoughts, the vibration of feelings create each moment. Trust in your feelings, allow them to breathe where they may create the freedom of authentic life.

As painful as it may be, face the sorrow within and nurture the wound with an open heart, and allow time to heal. Time is the great healer and saving grace during times of despair. Allow time to be your friend, to help nurture your heart and lift the soul, and gradually bring clarity of mind in unity with truth.

There are many shifts occurring not only in the world, but also throughout the universe. This shift is magnetic and it brings truth into our lives. Initially through crisis, followed by clarity of mind and knowing and acceptance of the true self. However like all change, it’s not an easy transformation as we tend to hold onto our beliefs, rather than surrender to truth.

During these moments of shift and change, unhealed wounds of the heart rise up and immerse within the emotional space. Overall, promptly forcing the heart to close in fear and guard the light of soul.

Depression is a big subject with so many listed causes. Yet with time and self realisation, the soul is able to shine through, even through the darkest hour. Nature’s butterfly is a beautiful example of growth that succeeds a period of darkness. Without change, life stagnates and hinders the flow of waters in conscious life eternal.

Depression is a lonely place where sufferers feel completely alone with their thoughts and feelings. Time in nature or daily walks or outings will help lift the weight of the dark, and transmute some of the pain.

Shifts and positive life changes tend to precede a period of uncertainty and darkness. Allow your light to shine through the fog of night and the clouds of day, and be a beacon of light for all who follow the same path of awakening.

In light

Julie Anne

Hourglass of Eternity

HourglassIf you could see all that you feel in the sands of an hourglass, you would be in awe of the magic and beauty of every grain, every moment of life, and every soulful experience of the heart.

Each grain flowing through the corridors of time, represents a moment in life in the heart and mind.

Treasure each grain of sand as a moment of time that will never be lost, but held in the eternal soul memory of life.

Each moment of life gives back the essence of eternity that resides in the evolutionary cellular memory of soul.

Live in the flow of each grain of sand, each moment and essence of presence, engrained in the memory of time.

Until the hourglass is full and one sided with a billion grains of sand and time, live in the moment of here and now, for here you will find no end, but only life eternal.

In light

Julie Anne

Soul Music


Resistance to truth enslaves one to imprisonment of the mind and body, enabling only the creation of conditioned thought and fear in the outside world. That which represents the inner world of programmed existence, translates to the outer world of creation, leaving a closed heart, entangled mind and lost soul.

Listen to the heart and its melody. The soul sings the song of life and love, and the heart sways to the vibration of its tune. Listen to the song of soul as it takes you on a journey of truth. Hear the sweet sound of melody and step into the beat of conscious thought.

Providence reigns over the essence of climatic sight and sound, and the sound waves of life and vibration of love reach the edge of the universe and beyond.

The sound of soul is like no other and lives in the heart of presence. Be in the moment not only during times of peace, but also during times of sorrow and upheaval.

Follow the grace of your inner light to the core of who you are and allow its vibrance to radiate all that is you.

Be authentic, be you. And dance the waltz of life along the vibrational tune of the heart in all that is present and true.

Julie Anne

Journey of the Heart

Life’s adventures are filled with generosity of spirit and guided wisdom.

Throughout the dawn of time, the adventure of the heart leaps into the unknown with faith and hope of new discoveries. The joys of life live within us all, waiting to burst into life in the adventure of a lifetime.

We see life through many different shades that are often derived from conditioned thought and perception. However the true journey of life is not a journey of attainment, but rather a journey of the heart that expands into consciousness, creating the pathways of life and love.

The journey of life and truth is never outward, but always inward. It is an inner journey of self discovery, to know reconnect with who you as it is often forgotten or denied through controlled programs of thought and space.

The journey of the mind is mystical, as the journey of the heart is magical. Live in the light of your soul in every adventure you seek, for this is the way of the heart that can only lead to the journey of a lifetime within and without.

The view of the horizon as the sun sets is only as beautiful as you see it. The wonder of a newborn baby is as miraculous as you feel it. The joys of Christmas and celebrations that follow are as enjoyable and love filled as you make it, and the oceans of love in your life can only be felt with an open heart and mind.

Rather than viewing life through a telescope, look through the eyes of an eagle. Soar to great heights through experiences of the heart and see the divine view of the soul. There is no other journey or adventure in life that’s as magical or wondrous as the journey to the centre of you.

The beauty, wisdom, love and adventure is within you, within your heart and waiting for you to discover. Expand your know knowledge on the journey of life and beyond. Be the eyes of an eagle and the heart of a dove, as you soar through the lands of your heart and mind. This is the way of the universe. The adventures of the heart and soul living within the breath of life, and experiencing all that life can be.

Julie Anne