Love Is

I feel your breath upon my face
love is in the heart.
I hear the song of your soul
beating of the heart.
I see the glow surround you
peace within the heart.
I long for your embrace
sharing from the heart.
I dream of love’s radiance
shining from the heart.
I seek only the caress of love
eternal from the heart.

Julie Anne

Reflective Bloom

Hearts glow in the dark
of night they instil.
Moments of light and bright
and heartfelt knowing truth. 

Herewith is the key
to all that sits right.

Knowing  of the heart
and freedom of the mind. 

Freedom of Love

For once the mind is lit
pressure boils within.
Hopeful heart of change
staggers in the rain.

Beith in the heart lo more
and lost in mind of steep.

Hopeless of all things
life, love and reap.

Inner Knowing

No sooner in the night
when all is far from right.

Lights go on, the sun is up
and all rests in will. 

Reflection time no more
hearts speak galore. 

Flowers of love bloom
in the blazing sun.

Hopeful of love’s spoon
to feed the heart of none.


Fog of light
faded from view.

Clarity restored
with a heart and eye anew.

For open of heart
and freedom of mind.  

Sits in love
and heart of kind.

Life and nature

Forever hearts speak
in days of love abound.

Morbid minds reap
heart and soul sounds.

Love and hope
of all to come.

Freedom of life
and hearth’s ground.

Julie Anne

Ocean’s Blue

Blessed heart are thee
in all that is lovely.
Harvard is thy name
abound in this game.
Of love, light and sorrow
and all that is hollow.
Soon to be right

in love’s light and hallow.

Coarse is the night
steep is the heart.
Folly of thought and mind
holly of heart and kind.
Be in your heart this night
for all that you fear is affright.
Love is bound to you
in stealth and ground anew.

Beautiful Beach SunsetHeart’s aflame
soul alight.
Love sails the night
in all that sits right.
Homeward bound are thee
in heartless stone of three.

Chaste is the heart
of all that sits apart.

Stormy love abound
the ship of hope new found.
Starry night up high
fruits of love is nigh.
For all that reaps the heart of one
is all that sees the light in none.

Blue OceanGrateful heart
hope is near.
Open eyes

Stanford gear.

Story of one
second to none.
Hopeful is the heart

to be in the mind of one.

Seek the light
forward en route.

Happenstance afore
love’s nest anew
in ocean’s blue.
Hearts beat finally as one.

Julie Anne


 Spirit of the sky, demure
sunshine casts its rays.
Moonlight shines pure
love dawns a new day.

Blue skies above
memory harps
the tune of love
and things to come.

Brilliant are the stars
moonbeams leap forth.
vibrant is the sky
love’s hand reaches nigh.

MoonBeamHumble is the heart
humid is the sky.
Hopeful array
rainbows on high.

Grounded in life
pressure within.
Beating of the heart
moment to forgive.

Strings attached
tension anew.
Longing, love
desire on cue.

Red is the heart
open at will.
Happiness reigns
the blues askew.

Random thoughts alone
hallow themes abound.
Grateful for the love of thee
joy and fun aloud.

Close the heart in vein
to once was here anew.
Open once again
hollow love of hue.

Stand down in fear
granted your wish.
Heaven’s hearth imparts
endearments of rich.

RainbowGlamorous times avow
hanker down
hover none.
Dreams fulfilled at night.

Landslide of fear
preventing none.
The green grass grows
in rays of the sun.

Blossoms bloom in sight
in the tree of love this night.
Let go, surrender
faith in heart to thee.

QuietudeQuick sand gone
Lake Orr awaits.
Love in hand
hope in heart.

All thee seeks
abounds this land.
Love, laughter
comfort, hearth.

Fulfillment in heart
and feet on the earth.

Love, hope, dreams

Julie Anne

Blazing Sun

Blazing sun3

Love’s trust
soul faith
Love in time betroths
all that sits in wait.

Harried none
stuck on one
fever comes to boil.

heart anew
lonely hearts aflame.

Beget the dew
of fallen dreams
in a heart forlorn and blue.

Open eyes
seek the sun
in all the skies above.

Chance of failure

love is firm
stake the shadow blues.

Sit in wait
of all to come.
Trust in love
and hearts so true.

Wicked is the night

moonlight sets the scene.
Harvard is thee to write
in hearts aflame of bloom.

For tender is the heart

in moments herewith gone.
Sacred is the life
shadows waiver soon.

Sit with thee
in the blazing sun
scenery of the heart.

Stilted is the flame no more
in features of the night.


Julie Anne

Restless Moon

Blood in your veins runs strong
of all that you’ve had to endure.
The memory of heart’s aflame
rests within your year.

Restless moon2

The two of hearts stays open
and rests in the tides of the moon.
All that was once folly
comes forth and plays your tune.

Fires of the heart lay dormant
this eve
The truth of who will impart
the tune of love’s part.

Soon to bear with love
and soon to be abright.
Herewith lies the love of thee
amidst the dreary sea.

For fiddle sticks to one
in fairness of it all.
Look back around at once was here
and see the green grass grow.

Mop-ed is the sea of blue
hazy is the sky.
Clouds foster truth inside
wishes of the heart.

The go between of all that is

rests in the heart of thee.
Blinded, stilted, restful
until the heart can see.

Grounded are ye in all thee might
loveless is thy heart.
Hopeless is the hope of thee
for all that comes thereof.

Rest no longer

stuck no more
Harvard is the night.
Love forlorn afar is ye
lost beneath the sand.

The moon is up,
it shines bright
in the sea of night.
Watery is the heart of thee
renewal of love afar.

Keeper of the night

stages restful bloom.
Stargazers of all the stars
grateful for the moon.

Look up, see out

feel the light of day.
See the blossoms open
and grow a new array.

Of hope, luck, love, life
and all that is right.
Seer of the night
transpires love tonight.

Open is the heart

to all that it seeks.
Closed is the mind
to all ego speaks.

Fallible times lay behind

creature of the night.
Coldness in the heart blooms
to features of beauty in sight.

Restless is the mind
Lonely is the heart.
Seeker of love and toil
Giver of hope and soil.

Be in the heart this night

for all comes right tonight.
Open the heart of new
and speak from the soul of truth

Julie Anne


Beautiful Beach SunsetGo ye through the dark of night
uncertainty abounds.
Take heed in all that awaits
as daylight crowns the night.
All will be well soon
as sure as dawn finds day.
Ever the love of all that is
beholden to a new array
of love, knowing, guidance
and beating of the heart.
All that transpires
brings truth to the fore
in many a tale of love.

Julie Anne

Heart of Blue

Dark Night of the Soul

It creeps up on you from the shady recesses of the heart and mind. It engulfs your senses and lifts your spirits to an all time high, only to send you crashing down to lows of indelible cries.

Lift up, look out and see the light of day. See the birds, the daylight and dawn of a new day.

Blue Swan

There is a new life on the other side, in truth. Never give in for the heart seeks only solace, from a place so dark and cruel. You will make it through the night until the sunshine lights your face. You will see the light of day again, through the cracks of a stonewalled place.

Trust the new you, as the trappings of a cornered heart are left in the pit of dark. Don’t look back, only forward. There is so much to see and do. You will see, you will feel, you will trust again. And without a heart so blue.

In light

Julie Anne