Changing Times

Light in the DarkI’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to readers and subscribers for your support and interest in my blog. It’s my sincere hope that insights shared have been able to shed light and bring truth into the heart of those seeking clarity.

We are most definitely living through changing and challenging times and it’s during these times that we all have moments of uncertainty. But mostly, we all have moments where we feel utterly alone in our grief, anger, feelings and thoughts.

I feel the most prominent message in nearly all writings shared, have been that of reminding us that we are sovereign. Even in our darkest hour, we will always have our inner light. There may be moments where our light will seem to have dimmed, yet bright as a beacon or dimmed to shadow light, it will always light the way home if you follow the path of awareness and truth.

There’s a light and dark in every corner of the universe, in every person and in every action and reaction. However as there is day, there is also night. One always follows the other with stars lighting the night sky and storm clouds dampening our light blue skies. If we reflect on the cycle of day and night during our most challenging times, we could take comfort in knowing that as sure as there is night, daylight always follows. It’s during these especially dark times that we lose sight of who we are and it’s especially during challenging times that we need to stay true to our heart and soul centre.

It’s through sharing insights and shredding the dark away, that our journey becomes ever more interconnected in unity of truth.

In light

Julie Anne

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