Creative Flow

The unconditioned child in their natural state of life, passion and flow, is the projection of organic creation in its purist form. Yet time has proven that individualism is slowly being replaced by an insidious system of control, whose ideal is to reprogram innocence, imagination and pure creativity with implanted thoughts, ideas and actions that ultimately lead to herd mentality.

The power of the individual has been a threat to the higher powers for many generations, and so the heart of the individual, and their inner knowing and truth, is now considered ‘property of the ‘State’, where all dreams are placed under the lock and key of suppression, surveillance and supposed protection for all.

Creative Flow

Bless the children and their creative hearts and imagination, for the challenging future they face. For under the debris of a chaotic landscape, lies the truth and beauty of a lost world; waiting to be rediscovered and brought back to life.

Julie Anne

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