Feelings are a guide to the soul, to the heart and to your truth. Without feelings, humanity would be a lifeless stone hedge, devoid of heart, thought or soul.

It’s amazing how we lose ourselves in daily emotions of fear, anger, resentment and hate. However when we indulge in negativity, we are in fact stepping closer to the path of truth and light.

If our emotions are merely a pathway or guide to the truth of our heart, why then must it be such a painful process? Without pain there is no learning and without learning, there is no experience that would ultimately lead us to where we need to go.

There are those that choose to stay on the round-a-bout of emotion, forever locked in the chaos of their heart and mind, never moving forward in life and their truth. What is it about our emotions that have the power to lock our heart into a state of darkened despair? Why do we continue to live in sorrow, when we can live from the light of truth?

it is indeed a path of choice, and when we walk through the valley of death we can choose to remain there in vain, or choose the path of emergence into an awakened conscience of rebirth. It’s especially when the heart wants to close in fear that we must trust in the journey ahead. For although it’s our choice to enter the cave of the unknown, it always remains our choice to emerge in the light of new.

In light

Julie Anne

4 Replies to “Feelings”

    • Hi Reena

      Sorry for my late reply, I’ve been without internet for 2 months and have only just reconnected recently.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and warm support, and I’m so happy and grateful that you’re able to find comfort and healing in this article.

      Love and blessings

  1. We need to heal before we allow love in our heart. people need time to reflect actions, reason. We need to let go negativitie from our soul in order to become a better person. Learn, forgive and forget.

    • Hi Stefania

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Indeed, to make positive changes in life, it’s important to reflect on our actions and reactions to life’s experiences. During times of pain, sorrow and great challenge, time is the great healer.

      In light of this, there is no time limit on the love in our heart, nor is there beginning or end. We are that love, forever shining eternal. Once we are able to see our part in any challenging scenario, it is then that we can choose to accept, acknowledge and forgive.. which ultimately leads to wonderful moving on.

      With much love and light


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