We all seek balance in life and once we reach the conscious place within, we connect with the answers of all that we seek.

Fear based indecision begins to disappear, leaving only truth of the heart and inner peace from a knowing soul.

To live in truth and freedom is to be free of attachments. When we decide to make the choice to live a conscious life from truth, the false self  stubbornly clings to comfort zones and materialism in fear of exposure and death.

When we strip away the veils and facades, the judgement we fear from others is no longer. And it’s from this place where we may finally connect with our inner peace and freedom from all that sits in darkness.

The infinite knowing that only sees the perfection outside of the realm of illusory life, from a conscious mind and knowing heart.

In light

Julie Anne

2 Replies to “Freedom”

  1. Very insightful post Julie.
    It seems like it can take us a long time to arrive at this point. Maybe we even have times where we reach this point, and then lose it again?
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi AJ

      Thank you for your comment. What you say is indeed, very true.

      Life is like the tides of the ocean that come in and go out. We live our lives similar to the tides, with the flow of life coming in like a rush, and slowly ebbing back out… leaving imprints in our life and heart, of all that came in with the last tide.

      If we were to accept the changing tides of life and to appreciate the flow, with the release of stagnation flowing out with the tide, we could be more at peace in our experiences knowing that life is a journey, with many different tides to ride along the way.

      To surrender, to accept, to know and love the flow of life, is to breathe in life itself. It is also here that we find our inner peace, balance and true freedom.

      Wishing you much peace and happiness.


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