Hello 2014!


And so another year has passed. Goodbye 2013, and hello 2014!

And yet time is relative, an illusion conducive to the measurement of time and space. Farewelling the closure of a year and embracing another, is a time for moving on from all that is now in the past. It’s a time for stepping forward into new beginnings and life experiences that promise a clean canvas, where we may begin to create new horizons of colour, love and life.

The excitement of new experiences lay only a few steps ahead, albeit also partnered with elements of uncertainty and the unknown. Yet, it is here that we may find the truth of who we are and the soul journey that we are destined to know and live. It is within the blank canvas, nervously, yet excitedly balanced on the fingertips of anticipation and thirst for renewed love and life challenges. And it’s in the hope for a new beginning and another year to fulfil the heart, mind and soul through heart expansion, knowledge and soul growth.

And so standing at the helm of a new year and new life, with open eyes and an unchained heart, colours of the rainbow stare back at you from the easel supporting your life canvas. What colour do you choose first, and where do you begin? Scanning the new year’s resolution list, you may choose to begin at item 1. “Lose weight”. Or you may choose to begin at item 2. “Holiday to… “. Or maybe item 3. “Find a new job”.

As you stare at the list before you, written in the final days of a year you were happy to put behind you. You begin to realise, carefully written items on this heartfelt list no longer hold the same emotional charge, determination or intention as they once did. Suddenly they appear to loom surreal, from a page creased in neat folds for safe keeping, until the new year did bear its new number in bold, 2014.

No longer does the prospect of a new job hold its weight, nor do you recall the urgency of much needed change at the time of anticipating your list. You scratch your head and ponder the year that is now past, wondering if maybe all was written in haste. “Why must I find a new job?” And, “Why do I need to lose weight? I can holiday anytime I please, and well.. it’s just another year of the same, and it really wasn’t that bad. A year filled with the same.. bills, life, taxes, fear, love and pain, the usual you know. “Maybe” I’ll do a course and change my career, or “maybe” my current job might offer a better role. My partner loves me as I am, therefore why would I want to lose weight? I’m visiting Gran next month up state, so maybe we can fit in a small holiday!”

And so the canvas sits in hand, anticipation now dulled to colours of black, whites and greys. As you look at the easel of post selective colour, what colour do you now choose for the horizon of your new year? Blue has departed, and so has green. Pink, yellow, orange and red have also left the life canvas scene.

And so it is, come what may.. the new scenery of life begins. Grey clouds of gloom, smog and smoke, fog and feelings of doom. How could this happen so early, in a year that offered a new promised land? How could the colour leave my life, in moments of new hope and plans?

We shape our lives according to our thoughts, hopes and dreams. Within our hearts we hold the power, to choose not only the colours of our life canvas, but also the horizon of our life, love and dreams. It’s in the colour selection where the most magnificent comes to life, where dreams are lived and hope is on high. Where love is lived in days of nigh.

2014 is the year of the Horse, a year for love and life.
A year for letting loose, and freeing the heart of strife.
For this reason, I choose not to write a list.
For lists are just that, and easily set adrift.
I choose the year ahead, to be in the heart of hope.
To colour me a rainbow, in horizons of love and elope.
If I choose my colours wisely, on a new canvas of white
I open my heart and eyes, to a new way of life.
For once I set “me” straight, in truth and not in waylay.
My heart opens, the birds sing 
and colour behooves everything. 
My life, my heart, my soul
my canvas, my colours, my all. 
I give unto you, the meaning of life
in love’s truth, and rolling the dice.
My heart sings, in tune with all.
A life filled with love, and heart enthralled.
I be unto you, soul sister of blues.
Love in heart, red diamond shoes.
Take me home now, stars shining bright.
Moonlight on high, all is right.
In home, hearth and heart.

May 2014 be the year that colours your life. May it be filled with love, new hope and new beginnings, and may you have less lists on high. May the year ahead be the life you can love. May the love in your heart be a new start, to all that you dream hereof.

Julie Anne


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