Hourglass of Eternity

HourglassIf you could see all that you feel in the sands of an hourglass, you would be in awe of the magic and beauty of every grain, every moment of life, and every soulful experience of the heart.

Each grain flowing through the corridors of time, represents a moment in life in the heart and mind.

Treasure each grain of sand as a moment of time that will never be lost, but held in the eternal soul memory of life.

Each moment of life gives back the essence of eternity that resides in the evolutionary cellular memory of soul.

Live in the flow of each grain of sand, each moment and essence of presence, engrained in the memory of time.

Until the hourglass is full and one sided with a billion grains of sand and time, live in the moment of here and now, for here you will find no end, but only life eternal.

In light

Julie Anne

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