I recently had an insightful conversation with a good friend, about the freedom of sharing the heart.

After they had openly shared their truth, they mentioned how they had felt ‘different’ whilst sharing their heart with another. The ‘different’ feeling was no doubt one of vulnerability, but also truth and freedom from fear of judgement or rejection.

We are all born with an open heart and conditioned thoughts and feelings are learned. Imagine being free from fear of judgement and imprisonment of the mind. Imagine being free from anger and all other controlling emotions that imprison and occur through the experience of daily life, and challenging experiences that threaten to ruin our day. Imagine living every moment of life free from the chains of programmed thought.

A near impossible task in today’s world and matrix, however freedom from fear that comes from judgement and facades, is more than worth entering the cave of darkness and into the unknown.

In light

Julie Anne

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