Journey of the Heart

Life’s adventures are filled with generosity of spirit and guided wisdom.

Throughout the dawn of time, the adventure of the heart leaps into the unknown with faith and hope of new discoveries. The joys of life live within us all, waiting to burst into life in the adventure of a lifetime.

We see life through many different shades that are often derived from conditioned thought and perception. However the true journey of life is not a journey of attainment, but rather a journey of the heart that expands into consciousness, creating the pathways of life and love.

The journey of life and truth is never outward, but always inward. It is an inner journey of self discovery, to know reconnect with who you as it is often forgotten or denied through controlled programs of thought and space.

The journey of the mind is mystical, as the journey of the heart is magical. Live in the light of your soul in every adventure you seek, for this is the way of the heart that can only lead to the journey of a lifetime within and without.

The view of the horizon as the sun sets is only as beautiful as you see it. The wonder of a newborn baby is as miraculous as you feel it. The joys of Christmas and celebrations that follow are as enjoyable and love filled as you make it, and the oceans of love in your life can only be felt with an open heart and mind.

Rather than viewing life through a telescope, look through the eyes of an eagle. Soar to great heights through experiences of the heart and see the divine view of the soul. There is no other journey or adventure in life that’s as magical or wondrous as the journey to the centre of you.

The beauty, wisdom, love and adventure is within you, within your heart and waiting for you to discover. Expand your know knowledge on the journey of life and beyond. Be the eyes of an eagle and the heart of a dove, as you soar through the lands of your heart and mind. This is the way of the universe. The adventures of the heart and soul living within the breath of life, and experiencing all that life can be.

Julie Anne

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