Key to Life

There are times when we need to detach from outer life.. 

Detachment forces you to go inward. To find the love, understanding and sanity in your heart that may often get lost in a busy world.

In the darkest of thoughts and in the darkest of hours, the love within is all. Thriving on the light within, is the solace for all hurt and sorrow. To reach a place where you are no longer in need of attachments, other than your own inner light, helps to create new and more positive life experiences.

It is through the pain of challenge that we are forced to face the inner core of our conditioned belief systems. However in order to reshape who we “think” we are, we need to face who we are not. Within the painful process of rebirth, the gift is in knowing these experiences will one day liberate the fear. Whilst also offering freedom from choices misaligned with the purpose of soul.

On the inner soul journey, people may fall away from your circle of life. Although surprising, the gift is in the discovery of authentic connections that remain in your life.  During this time of awakening and shedding layers of doubt, observe the authentic self as it begins to light the way, revealing the centre of who you truly are. Like peeling back the petals of a budding flower one by one, revealing the core of a pure bud carrying the seeds of creation. So too are you peeling away layers of illusion to reveal the truth within.

When the soul shines its inner light and the layers of illusion refuse to fall away, our life experiences become even more challenging. Until we surrender to the journey of awakening, followed by the eventual release and liberation of letting go of that which no longer serves as truth.

If we still the mind and live from our inner knowings, our life experiences take on new meaning. Our challenges begin to fall away and ongoing cycles of apathy and despair begin to fade as well.

We emerge from the slumber of illusion and awaken to a new world of clarity and shattering truth. And it is here that we awaken also to propaganda parading as truth, and tired belief systems that imprison the mind in chains.

The choice is yours. To sleep through life or to awaken to the truth of who you are. The answer to everything, the truth, the light of love and life, the key to all things lies within the awakened mind and soul freedom.

In light

Julie Anne


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