Leap of Faith

Standing at the cliff of my life looking down, the drop is steep yet the other side beckons. The sky is blue, the air clean. Why do I pause at the edge? My heart wants to leap and it knows I won’t fall, but fly, yet my head holds my feet glued to the ground. This war between head and heart needs to end, for in the midst of battle lies truth and happiness. Without a truce I cannot move forward and I’m forever locked in a void of conflicting hope and despair.

Like a scared child fallen from their bike, so am I scared to move forward for fear of making the ‘wrong’ choice. I begin to question how life got to this point in the first place. And now as I stand at the cliff of my life with opportunity staring back at me from the other side, why do I hesitate? What do I fear, happiness? Or maybe finding the truth of my heart and living the light of my soul’s purpose.

I begin to realize, living with fear has been the road block to pure joy and success in my life. It dawns on me how year after year I have subconsciously held myself back in fear of failure. I have placed my future in the hands of others to fulfill, and handed over my creative growth for the judgment and opinion of others.

As I stand looking down from the cliff of my life, I allow myself to be still for a moment. I listen to the beating of my heart as I feel the warmth of my soul rise up, permeating every fibre of my being. I feel my truth as I look to the other side of the cliff. Enlightened with my truth I look at the possible fall with my leap to the other side, yet I now know everything that meets the eye is not necessarily how it is. I finally see how I’ve based my life decisions on only the visual aspect, rather than what lies beneath the surface ~ truth, humility, self love, understanding and positive thought, self respect and confidence, love of life and sharing, laughter and tears of joy.

Feeling and not holding back for fear of a fall. Loving completely, heart, mind and soul, I take the leap of faith. Only to reach the other side, to discover the landscape is no different. Yet I feel different. My outlook has changed on thoughts of who I am and who I choose to be.

So is the gift in the truth we avoid. Happiness can only come from within, with outer experiences the manifest of our inner self. The changes we look for in life do not come from greener pastures, but rather, from the illusion of a giant leap from our ego mind to the truth of our heart and soul.

For those who waiver at the edge of fear and choice. Let go, have faith and be free ♥

Julie Anne

2 Replies to “Leap of Faith”

  1. I love this quote from JK Rowling:
    “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.”

    As I awaken to these truths, and I can see more and more clearly where the fear is and where real success – where real abundance and possibilities are. It’s way past time to leave the fear behind and take that leap of faith! Thanks

    • Hi Eric

      Thank you for sharing. The leap of faith we take in life and in our experiences, is a true representation of self faith and humility. When we are fearless of failure, then nothing is truly failed. We are all on a journey experiencing the love in our hearts, and creating and expanding on that love in the life we lead and the people we share and connect with. We are our own judge and our own critic, and if we were to define failure, definition would differ according to varying points of view.

      When we learn to love ourselves more, our choices become easier and the fear of failure becomes a leap of faith from mind based fear, to the love and knowing in our heart. Trust in the eternal love within and leave fear behind, for fear will only hold you back from your greatest joy and deepest love.

      Love and blessings


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