Meaning of Love

Love, you could really ponder the true meaning. What is it?

Everyone has a different interpretation on their version of love. It’s such a beautiful and simple thing, yet we complicate the truth of it to satisfy our whims and to feed our fears and insecurities.

Love isn’t only of the heart. It’s the mind, body and soul. We forget that we are an holistic being, connected to all life and soul. The mind’s truth is to support the heart, yet we tend to experience life in the reverse with the heart supporting the mind. When the heart and mind are in unison, higher choices are made and the rhythm of life and love flows in sync in all that we experience.

With many different forms of love, including family, friends and pets, romantic love is where love often goes awry. We tend to step out of our heart and into fear, allowing the mind to take its place. Yet if heart, mind and soul are in sync, only truth can lead the way.

Love should never be painful. Not if you’re living from the heart of truth. Love isn’t controlling, judgmental, selfish or hurtful. Love is always giving, caring, empathetic, understanding and accepting. It’s about loving others for who they are and accepting their own journey. Love “is”, love feels, love cares and gives to others without expectation. Love isn’t clingy, obligational or needy. It’s free, always available and shared without pause.

To feel and live the truth of love is to be joyful and blessed with a grateful heart, full of love and peaceful content.

To feel true love and to be in love..

Be in your heart, live from your soul and love with your light always 

In light

Julie Anne

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