Reflective Bloom

Hearts glow in the dark
of night they instil.
Moments of light and bright
and heartfelt knowing truth. 

Herewith is the key
to all that sits right.

Knowing  of the heart
and freedom of the mind. 

Freedom of Love

For once the mind is lit
pressure boils within.
Hopeful heart of change
staggers in the rain.

Beith in the heart lo more
and lost in mind of steep.

Hopeless of all things
life, love and reap.

Inner Knowing

No sooner in the night
when all is far from right.

Lights go on, the sun is up
and all rests in will. 

Reflection time no more
hearts speak galore. 

Flowers of love bloom
in the blazing sun.

Hopeful of love’s spoon
to feed the heart of none.


Fog of light
faded from view.

Clarity restored
with a heart and eye anew.

For open of heart
and freedom of mind.  

Sits in love
and heart of kind.

Life and nature

Forever hearts speak
in days of love abound.

Morbid minds reap
heart and soul sounds.

Love and hope
of all to come.

Freedom of life
and hearth’s ground.

Julie Anne

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