Restless Moon

Blood in your veins runs strong
of all that you’ve had to endure.
The memory of heart’s aflame
rests within your year.

Restless moon2

The two of hearts stays open
and rests in the tides of the moon.
All that was once folly
comes forth and plays your tune.

Fires of the heart lay dormant
this eve
The truth of who will impart
the tune of love’s part.

Soon to bear with love
and soon to be abright.
Herewith lies the love of thee
amidst the dreary sea.

For fiddle sticks to one
in fairness of it all.
Look back around at once was here
and see the green grass grow.

Mop-ed is the sea of blue
hazy is the sky.
Clouds foster truth inside
wishes of the heart.

The go between of all that is

rests in the heart of thee.
Blinded, stilted, restful
until the heart can see.

Grounded are ye in all thee might
loveless is thy heart.
Hopeless is the hope of thee
for all that comes thereof.

Rest no longer

stuck no more
Harvard is the night.
Love forlorn afar is ye
lost beneath the sand.

The moon is up,
it shines bright
in the sea of night.
Watery is the heart of thee
renewal of love afar.

Keeper of the night

stages restful bloom.
Stargazers of all the stars
grateful for the moon.

Look up, see out

feel the light of day.
See the blossoms open
and grow a new array.

Of hope, luck, love, life
and all that is right.
Seer of the night
transpires love tonight.

Open is the heart

to all that it seeks.
Closed is the mind
to all ego speaks.

Fallible times lay behind

creature of the night.
Coldness in the heart blooms
to features of beauty in sight.

Restless is the mind
Lonely is the heart.
Seeker of love and toil
Giver of hope and soil.

Be in the heart this night

for all comes right tonight.
Open the heart of new
and speak from the soul of truth

Julie Anne

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