Soul Music


Resistance to truth enslaves one to imprisonment of the mind and body, enabling only the creation of conditioned thought and fear in the outside world. That which represents the inner world of programmed existence, translates to the outer world of creation, leaving a closed heart, entangled mind and lost soul.

Listen to the heart and its melody. The soul sings the song of life and love, and the heart sways to the vibration of its tune. Listen to the song of soul as it takes you on a journey of truth. Hear the sweet sound of melody and step into the beat of conscious thought.

Providence reigns over the essence of climatic sight and sound, and the sound waves of life and vibration of love reach the edge of the universe and beyond.

The sound of soul is like no other and lives in the heart of presence. Be in the moment not only during times of peace, but also during times of sorrow and upheaval.

Follow the grace of your inner light to the core of who you are and allow its vibrance to radiate all that is you.

Be authentic, be you. And dance the waltz of life along the vibrational tune of the heart in all that is present and true.

Julie Anne

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