Soul Lantern

Life’s view appears in various forms of understanding and perception, depending on a person’s innermost state of being and thought. Yet to ponder life and its varied mechanisms of structure and organisation, it is a committed and half blinded tedium of peeling back the many layers of an onion. With tears streaming from the noxious gas, whilst simultaneously blind sighted from clear view, you appear to have finally reached the core. Only to discover a smaller inner bulb with yet another round of encompassing and protective layers abound.


And so it goes through the eyes of a poet and journey of life, where many a layered core lay deep beneath the rubble and rust of a reality hidden behind closed doors. Knock once, knock twice, or tear the door down. Yet finding the truth of all that lay still, will ever yet be found. With mazes of light and dust and a trillion treasures to be found, an array of distractions lay afoot with each step ahead in unmet ground.  It is here in the wood of heart and mind where the grass often grows bushy and sits on high, as many a concealed path leads to a place of cyclic reprise. And it is here that the mind is diverted to synthetic colour and sound, where the light shines bright along the corridor of life, and the soul may be sold for a pound.

The Power of Distraction by Greg Calise, describes distraction perfectly as a “powerful tool of overload” that leads the mind askew in a world of dark and hue.

In a moment of repeal the mind steps back in hesitation and fear, one foot after another, easing the pace of flight. “Are we there yet?” Reaching out in the fog and recoiling in haste, “Is anyone out there? Angels, Gods, guiding lights?”. Alone in the silence, leaves crunching under foot, feeling lost, afraid and confused. Wandering through the maze of life, unaware of what is real or true. And yet the maze is only a maze throughout the corners of the mind, where the corridors are lined with blazing torches of light. This way says the sign, emblazoned in flames. Follow the road of light, to the rainbow yonder and nigh.

Path to hell

Onward bound the journey goes, only to find yet another maze adorned with mirrors and lights. The road of enlightenment possibly missed, yet soothing an idea it remains. And so continue on through the maze of lights, this way and that way they lead. Corners of light and dark await, of choice it really depends on what lures desire or hate. Closer yet through the valley of light, beckoning deeper still, the trust and hope of inner fear that is yet to know the truth. Steeper yet the valley of night draws near, blinding light shining the way, yet never seeming to steer. Off the path it seems, wading through swamps of gloom and slime, yet guided by the light, onward the journey goes.

Looking back through the mist of last, reflection sways the mood. However did it seem right, to follow the path of unknown hue? Yet without trust and hope, the soul withers and weeps, looking for direction out of the cascading heap. When suddenly it dawns as the light of morning sun, when truth comes to the fore of an enlightened rule of thumb. Whose light shall we seek in moments of dire when the path is far from clear? And whose path shall we follow when the journey seems rife with confusion, loss of hope and fear?


Maps through the maze there are not, yet lights of direction lead the way to the illusionary top. Listening for sound other than the cackle of fire that leads the way ahead. Nothing seems to answer, until feeling a moment of dread. An inner voice speaks softly, from within the heart of hope. “Seek not thee wanderer, of another’s light abound for it will only lead you further and hopelessly underground. For the light within is the only true light, that will lead you to the heart of truth with feet firm on the ground”.

And so it is that we all wander through the valley of life and death. Seeking truth from an often desolate heart, that’s given up on finding the core of the path. Yet the core may always be found when viewed from within, as the many outer layers only serve as a protective glove on bare skin.


In alignment with deeper truth and integrity, the soul’s compass may always serve as an inner lantern to all that sits in confusion and fear. For every unanswered question, and for all that lay hidden in the dark, follow not the light of another for the lantern of the soul will always lead the way.

Julie Anne


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