The Authentic Self

The authentic self is the creative life force, devoid of the facades that are often generated through fear of failure and social conformity. It’s the perfect alignment and balance of our deepest truth and life practises, manifested into the projection of who we are in relationship to ourself and our values.

It’s being honest within the depth of knowing, and it’s free of masks, lies and conditional thought. It embraces reflection and awareness in all matters of life in relationship to self and others, and it’s the ongoing path of passion, creative expression and self discovery.

We live in a world that often serves as a perpetual stage of conditioning and societal conformity, where we become lost in the counterfeit debris of spurious life and materialist gain. It’s here that we lose the essence of who we truly are, where survival pervades the vital force of intent and valuable life purpose.


Yet deep beneath the rubble, the authentic self may still be found as if emerging from an underground cave, into a beaming ray of first light. It’s beyond the noise of life and distractions of the mind, and it’s afar from contrived thought where the societal hive mind takes the wheel.

It’s only in quietude, where the heart and soul are in synchronicity with the flow of life and all living things. And it’s only in the peaceful space of calm where we may find the perfect balance and our true authentic self.

Julie Anne

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