The Power of One

SnowflakeI marvel at the beauty of nature and the serene life it holds at its centre of being. The raw majesty of a grain of a sand, the purity of a snowflake.

The miracle of life in all its beauty stands tall in the wake of all wars and destruction. For out of the wake births new life and renewed vision of  better times ahead.

I look on at the sea and watch as each wave rolls in. The power of nature at its best, yet gentle and vulnerable as the human heart. Waves of life roll in as the tide takes out the grains of sand. With each new wave is the promise of a new day, new moment and new sense of being.

As sure as the tide goes out, no sooner will it roll back in. This is the flow of life, the power of love and the ebb of uncertainty as we allow our experiences to rise and fall with the tides.

The ocean is within us all, as the beauty and power of one.

Beach Waves

The sea, the heart and soul.

Julie Anne

4 Replies to “The Power of One”

  1. I soooo agree!! I’m in love with nature, its power, wisdom and ability to teach us about life, if only we will listen and observe her teachings!!

    • Apologies for my late reply! Thank you for your comment, and you’re so right. There is so much to learn from mother nature, in her unconditional love and sustainability through everything mankind puts her through. She is our home, our hearth and heart. Without her, we are not.. with her, we are whole <3

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