I treasure my friendships more so, with every passing day. I’m grateful for the beautiful people in my life, for their unconditional love and special moments that we share.

It’s a gift to be completely at ease, knowing I can be myself with the special people in my life. They accept me for who I am, without expectation or judgment.

I love how we can lunch or coffee and talk for hours on end, before realizing 3 or 4 hours have passed. The sharing, caring and laughter fills my heart with joy, and to mutually share wisdom and life experiences openly and with trust, is something I’m more than grateful for.

It’s these special moments I treasure most, where I’m able to create my own thoughtful scrap book of the heart, with pictures of love, friendship and happy times adorning the front cover, with precious content inside.

Thank you to all the beautiful friends in my life, for your friendship, trust and support.

Julie Anne

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