Web of Life

Within the illusion of life we are often blinded to the chain reaction of our thoughts and actions, and how connected we all truly are.

Like the blanketed web of a spider, so are the experiences of life that are based on the choices we make. Our choices create our experiences, and if aligned with emotions related to anger or fear, the outcomes we desire are replaced with the magnetization of thought.

With the vibration of life all around us, so are the vibrations of thoughts. Our thoughts are creative in the manifestation of experience, giving rise to cause and effect.

The people we know and those we are yet to meet, energetically charge our lives with hope and expectation derived from the creative patterns of thought from the here and now. And the tangled emotions we weave into the experiences of life and beyond, effect all in life’s intricate web.

Rather than chase rainbows, manifest presence and truth into the experience of life and create the outcomes you seek through authentic expression and thought. Creating the life you desire will always fall in alignment with a conscious heart and mind.

Julie Anne

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